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Genetics are really unintuitive so here is a guide.


Positive Mutations

Name Description Verb
X-ray You can see through walls, "The walls suddenly disappear."
Telepathy You can send messages to other people. "Your mind expands."
Hulk You become strong and clumsy, you become green and you always yell, also prevents you from using firearms. "Your muscles feel weak."
Telekineses You can control objects from a distance. "You feel smarter."
Cold Resistance You are immune to depressurized areas and areas which are cold. "Your body is filled with warmth."

Negative Mutations

Name Description Verb
Deafness You no langer can hear your surroundings. "It's kinda quiet."
Blindness You no longer can see anything. "You can't seem to see anything."

How to get the mutations

To start on how to get these mutations: First, get a bottle of Hyronalyn or any other Anti-Toxins because you are going to get irradiated. You are going to go to the genetics lab, and put a monkey in the tube:

image 1

First thing you are going to do is save the monkeys Structural enzymes by accessing the machine:

image 2

After you’ve done that you can start doing the job! You are going to want to open the Modify SE tab and start irradiating blocks. Irradiating a block will result in it changing its number, when the number on the first square in a block is 9 or a Letter that means you might have gotten a mutation!

image 3

This is what it looks like when there might be a mutation:

image 4

Now you take out the monkey and you see if he has any visible effects on him... Although some of the mutations are not visible so the better tactic is to save the structural enzymes yourself, print the injector and test it yourself.

image 5

If you get a negative mutation, you can print the firstly saved Structural Enzymes and inject yourself with them. Now you rince and repeat for every block.

Loyd's genetics method

The strategy I use which is the most effective for me is: I first get mutations on every block in the first row:

image 6

Then I print a Structural Enzyme injector and inject myself with it, to see if I got any good mutation. If there was a positive mutation I will print an injector with each of the blocks to locate where it is.

image 7

Then when I found out where it is I will label the injector as it should be and save it on a disk:

image 8

To save it on a disk, just take the disk from the table in the room, insert it in the console, and click Save to Disk.

image 9

Now you rince and repeat for every row on the Modify S.E. tab and that should be it. When you are done with all the blocks on that monkey, just toss him out and get another one.


When you have all the mutations (Giga chad). Do remember that the process will take a lot of time and you will be valid hunted afterwards, so I suggest only getting not visible mutations like X-ray and Telepathy.