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Maintenance Drone
Maintenance Drone
Difficulty: Hard
Superior: None
Duties: Be the best engineer, repairs any damage, and in your free time, wash the floors of blood and roach guts.
Guides: Guide To Technomancy, Guide to Construction


The Maintenance Drones aboard the CEV "Eris" are fabricated by the automated Drone Fabricator located within Engineering. The AI can also commandeer a Maintenance Drone Chassis, though this is separate from the Maintenance Drone role itself.


As a maintenance drone your goal is to maintain the ship. You find damaged areas and repair them wherever it may be. However as a maintenance drone you DO NOT INTERACT WITH THE CREW at all. You are neutral to most people and creatures on the ship cannot help or harm entities them outside your goal of maintaining the ship. Attacking crew as a maintenance drone may lead to admin disciplinary action.

As part of your duties of maintaining the ship, you are given a wide range of tools that are built into your chassis. Additionally you synthesize common repair materials such as steel, glass, cabling and wood. Doing so takes synthesizer reserves which can be recharged at any cyborg docking station.

Like a robot (or cyborg) the Maintenance Drone has an internal battery that wears down as the drone travels through the ship. Like with the synthesizer reserves, a drone's battery can be recharged at a cyborg docking station.


Engineering Drones do not have inventories like a human would, but instead have a set of built-in tools and dispensers that enable their work on the ship

Synthesized Materials And Integrated Tools

Steel Sheet
Glass Sheets
Reinforced Glass Sheets
Plastic Sheets
Steel Tile
Wooden Tile
Steel Rods
Cable Coil
Engineering Omnitool
T-Ray Scanner
Rapid piping device
Fire Extinguisher
Floor Painter
Matter Decompiler
Light Replacer
Sheet Loader
Magnetic Gripper


  • Don't build to grief because you are salty about how you died
  • Know where your recharging stations are
  • Like Cyborgs, Maintenance Drones have access to almost the entire ship
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