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Organs can be modified or entirely fabricated by the process of organ modification at Moebius Biolabs' CEV 'Eris' location. Those who are willing to put in the effort (or pay) can augment themselves with organs that are more effective, more durable or even able to automatically fabricate chemicals as a result of outside stimuluses.

In order to see what a modified organ does, the examiner needs at least 35 BIOLOGY and 10 COGNITION.

OrganRegugitator.png Organ Machines OrganFabricator.png


Creates the Biotic Substrate

The Disgorger coverts chemicals and items into Biotic Substrate - specifically it accepts items with Milk and Animal Protein. This includes not only foods, but also various organs found in humans and monkeys. Be careful with what you put into the Disgorger - once an item has been inserted it cannot be ejected!

Accepted Materials

Reagent Output Biotic Substrate
Milk 0.13
Animal Protein 1.00
Diploterum 0.25
Seligitillin 0.75
Starkellin 0.75
Gewaltine 0.75
Blattedin 0.5
Fuhrerole 1.00
Kaiseraurum 10.00
Blood 0.10
Pararein 1.00
Aranecolmin 2.00

Assembly and Disassembly

The Disgorger is an unusual machine in that it does not use the normal parts or tools for assembly or disassembly. While the Regurgitator does use a standard wired machine frame with circuit board as it's foundation, it uses organs rather than stock parts like other machines. These organs may be cybernetic or modified organs rather than purely organic matter. Higher quality or more efficient organs improve the Disgorger's capabilities and range of accepted materials.

In order to disassemble a Disgorger users need to apply an item with Retracting qualities to first open the Disgorger panel. Once the Regurgitator has been opened, a tool with Clamping should be applied to disassemble the machine.

Organ Fabricator

Prints Organs from Biotic Substrate

The Organ Fabricator is the machine that prints Organs, Organ modifications and Organoid components. The Organ fabricator uses Biotic Substrate generated by the Regurgitator. Note that Biomatter and Biotic Substrate are NOT interchangeable for the Organ Fabricator, however Biotic Substrate can be recycled into Biomatter at the Neotheology Bioprinter.

Rip OMG! Designs

The Organ Fabricator has the ability to save organ designs from data disks to the Fabricator itself. Design disks for organs may be found in junk piles, or bought from hacked Oh My Guts! vendors in the deeper maintenance tunnels.

Organ Modifications

On the CEV 'Eris', passengers may find or purchase modifications to their internal organs. These upgrades may be printed from the Organ Fabricator for Biotic Substrate and attached to organs that are not already installed inside a body. Extra organs may be printed from the Organ Fabricator itself or purchased through certain vendors in the deeper maintenance tunnels of the ship. Some organs or organ modifications may be extracted from lifeforms within the ship itself. An organ may only have one of each type of modification attached to it at a time.

Organ Modifications
Modification Type Effect
Improved Capillaries Reduces Blood, Oxygen and Nutriment requirements of organ by 10%
Durable Membrane Increases Bruising, Breakage and Max HP thresholds of organ by 20% but also increases the organ size by 0.25 units
Stem Cell Application Increases efficiency of organ by 10%. Cannot be removed
Visceral Symbiont Increases efficiency of organ by 20%, but increases Blood, Oxygen and Nutriment requirements of organ by 20%
Bypass Tubules Decreases Blood, Oxygen and Nutriment requirements of organ by 20% but decreases efficiency of organ by 20%
Biostructure Gel Adds 2 more modification slots to the organ but increases organ size by 0.25 units
Masked Membrane Hides the organ from scanners but reduces efficiency of organ by 10%
Parenchyml Membrane Adds other organ efficiencies or improves existing ones

Aberrant Organs and Organoids

Example of an Aberrant Organ
Input Organoids Type Input Type Input Methods
Metabolic Reagent Injection, Ingestion, Touch
Nociceptive Damage BRUTE, BURN, TOX, OXYLOSS, Pain, Genetic, Brain, Sanity
Bioelectric Power Powercell, Material Sheet
Process Organoids Type Process Effect
Enzymal Increases the strength of the result
Sphincter Maps all inputs to the first possible output
Tubular Maps inputs to outputs in a customized fashion
Output Organoids Type Output Type Output
Hepatic Reagent Injects output into the host's bloodstream
Gastric Reagent Injects output into the host's stomach
Endocrinal Hormonal Injects output into the host's bloodstream.
Intracrinal Statistic Increases one of the host's stats
Enigmatic Statistic Grants the host insight
Dependent Functional Acts as another organ for the host

Aberrant Organs are organs that react to outside stimulus to generate an effect. The inputs may vary from ingesting chemicals to getting hit to holding an energy cell in your hand to anything else in between.

Understanding Organs

Organs at the basic level are machines that take in inputs and output results. In order for organs to work at maximum certain requirements must be met in blood, oxygen and nutriment. Organs can also provide these functions under certain circumstances. Organs also have a size they take up within a body, limiting how many you can implant in a host.


Organoids are the component parts of organs. There are organoids that take inputs, there are organoids that process those inputs and there are organoids that output the results of the processed inputs. Organoid function can be modified by applying a Laser Scalpel to the target Organoid.


Teratomas are a container that hold organoids without being an actual organ. Like other custom organs, organoids can be removed from teratomas by using a laser scalpel.


Endocrinal organoids differ from Hepatic organoids in that they produce hormones rather than reagents. Hormones are special organ-only chemicals and do not show up to medical scanners. Possible effects are:

  • Blood-clotting
  • Blood restoration
  • Anti-toxin
  • Oxygenation
  • Painkiller
  • Movement speed boost

Making Organs from Organoids

When making Organs from Organoids, the user needs 1 of each of the Input, Output and Processing Organoids AND an Organ Scaffold to hold them all. Each of these items can be printed from the Organ Fabricator or sourced by disassembling existing custom organs.

To assemble the Aberrant Organ, place each of the Input, Output and Processing Organoids into the Organ Scaffold.

To disassemble an assembled Aberrant Organ, apply a laser scalpel to the target Organ.

Other Organ Sources

Deep in the maintenance tunnels of the CEV 'Eris' you may come across an unusual looking refrigerator. The Oh My Guts! Vendor sells a selection of pre-generated custom themed organs. These organs may be installed like other custom organs, or disassembled for organoids. This vendor may be hacked to access additional options.