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Captain and their Crew

  Captain and his ship
The CEV "Eris" belongs only to the Captain, but in case of his irreversible death, the First Officer can assume command of the ship. If there is no First Officer, the Ironhammer Security Commander can assume command instead.

  • The Captain or his representative may not legally assign personnel to organizations on board without the approval of the relevant organizational head;
  • A final decision on whether to follow the Captain’s orders or not should be left to organizational heads;
  • Neither the Captain nor his representative can make changes to this agreement;
  • However, the Captain may secede from the agreement in case of emergency.

The Ship's crew, including all hired employees of any organization, shall have the right to:

  • Store and bear any kind of weapon and ammunition;
  • Conduct business which is not inconsistent with the agreement, and is not connected with selling other crew's or organization's property;
  • Protect themselves and any other crew in case of immediate risk of loss of life or severe bodily harm;
  • Appropriate everything found within uninhabited sections of the vessel, if it is not the property of any crew or organization on board.

Ironhammer Security

  Ironhammer Security
This organization has been contracted by the Captain to provide safety and security arrangements on board the vessel, including enforcement of the agreement and a variety of the Guild’s general laws, which are to be upheld everywhere in Hansa territory.

  • The Captain may order Ironhammer troops to solve any task with approval from the IHS Commander or Gunnery Sergeant;
  • Any troublemaker should be arrested using non-lethal equipment. Lethal force may be used if there is a life-threatening hazard to operatives or civilians, in an emergency situation (i.e. Code Red), or if directly ordered by a Head or the Captain.

Ironhammer Security personnel is expected to uphold the highest standards of conduct at all times:

  • All individuals on board the CEV Eris must be treated with respect until they lose it.
    • Don't act like a thief or a rogue. Don't beat people up on duty and try to be less lethal in an arrest if lethality is not required.
  • Treat other departments with respect, the same way you would treat people.
    • You are an enforcer, not a god. Just because another department does things differently, does not give you the right to invade them. Consult your IHC or Captain for diplomacy talks.
  • Only necessary force should be used when carrying out duties.
    • You are equipped with a wide range of equipment - not everything needs power gloves, but not everything needs an assault rifle either. Choose your tools appropriately.

A standard statute-book for any object under guard of IHS is in force aboard CEV “Eris” and should be obeyed by the ship's crew. The statute-book is divided into two paragraphs: The Blue Paragraph, and The Red Paragraph.
Organization Heads and the Captain can not be taken into custody over Blue Paragraph violations, but can be removed from their posts through a vote, or similar public decision, and a fine may still be applied. Everyone on board is held fully liable for Red Paragraph violations. Arrested person may choose between paying a fine or imprisonment. It is important to note, that if a crime was committed by order of someone, that someone takes full responsibility for the crime. Maximum term of imprisonment must not be more than thirty minutes. In the event that this limit is exceeded, apply a fine to the prisoner or their parent organization if applicable.

IHS Handbook

The Blue Paragraph

Title Description Penalty
Theft Unlawful possession or seizure of property of any crew or organization aboard the CEV Eris. 7 minutes

1000 credits

Fine should be applied to every consecutive stolen item regardless of brig time, and property should be returned to its rightful owner or parent organization.

Battery Any attack or unwanted intrusion on another person not considered self-defense, regardless of injury caused. 10 minutes

1000 credits

Felony assault Attack on person using lethal weaponry and equipment, attack on Ironhammer personnel, assault causing serious body harm and prolonged medical treatment. 20 minutes

1900 credits

Vandalism Damage to any property - windows, airlocks, vital equipment - etc. 7 minutes

500 credits

Infiltration Infiltration into restricted areas without access or permission, breaking and entering. 5 minutes

650 credits

Culpable Negligence Dereliction of duty, disobedience of orders, commission of crime against employing organization. May only be enforced at the specific request of an organizational head 7 minutes

650 credits

In case of dismissal forfeiture of property should be accomplished.

The Red Paragraph

Title Description Penalty
Murder Bringing to clinical death, regardless of whether a person was brought back to life or not. Incarceration

Capital punishment at the discretion of Captain and Head of an accused’s organization.

Forced Conversion Conversion to NeoTheology without express consent. 20 minutes

5000 credits

Sabotage Wide-scale damage to hull plating, destruction of crucial equipment or other severe damage to the vessel. 25 minutes

50-60000 credits dependent on damage.

Capital punishment at the discretion of Captain and/or Head of an accused’s organization if damage is extensive.

Collaboration with prohibited organizations, mutiny Any prohibited organization, such as Excelsior and other terrorist groups, this includes the use of prohibited equipment that is not authorized. Incarceration

Capital punishment at the discretion of Captain and/or Head of an accused’s organization.

Unsanctioned Organisms Creation of or existence as a mutant, changelings and the likes of, creation of unlicensed shipboard AI or lawless synthetics. Reversible genetic damage is not equivalent to mutation for the purposes of this law. Uncompromising termination of organism.

Capital punishment of Creator at the discretion of the Captain, otherwise permanent incarceration.

Moebius Laboratories

  Moebius Laboratories
Moebius Laboratories is the primary financier of the Expedition. This organization pursues science and medicine, and has the exceptional prerogative to perform research which is forbidden for any other organization within Hansa borders.

Any inventions which are created aboard CEV “Eris” belong only to Moebius Laboratories. The organizational head may sell them to the ship's crew if deemed necessary;

  • Moebius Laboratories is in charge of the ship's crew health condition. All Moebius personnel should maintain health of the ship's crew, and must not collect payment for necessary medical care and supplies used to provide that care;
  • The sale of stimulators, prostheses, bionics, nonessential surgical treatments, and any medical supplies is allowed with reasonable pricing;
  • Moebius Laboratories is authorized to perform genetic alteration within a certain limit.

Minor alterations to genetic code that do not negatively impact appearance or that are otherwise considered necessary for environmental survival. Dangerous or otherwise unwanted mutations may be performed within the laboratory only if they are capable of, and willing to contain the mutant without harming the ship's crew or Eris.

  • Shuttle “Vasily Dokuchaev” is owned by Moebius Laboratories.


  Church of NeoTheology
The Church of NeoTheology is a backer of the Expedition, and may render its services to the ship's crew.
  • Any crew, except jobs where keeping a cruciform is restricted by the corporate (organizational) code of conduct, may be baptized and resurrected for free;
  • Neotheologists may freely perform any traditional ritual.

Guild Merchant

  Aster's Guild
The Guild Merchant is a fully legitimate member of the Guild, just like the Captain or First officer. He is independent, and all his personnel is purely subordinate to him.
  • The mining barge “Hulk” is owned by the Guild Merchant;
All materials and objects obtained on any asteroid or derelict by the power of the Merchant’s personnel are owned by him.


  Techomancer League
Technomancer kindred settled down within their own designated portion of CEV “Eris”. Exultant is their leader.
  • Technomancers are in charge of maintaining the vessel’s power supply, hull plating and leak integrity. In addition to that, they must do it on a non-repayable basis;
  • Technomancers may charge for service such as cosmetic repairs, or any other unnecessary works.