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Basic Botany

Machine Name Description
Soil Patch Soil Patch You plant seeds here
Seed Extractor Seed Extractor Convert crops into seeds
Mega Seed Servitor Mega Seed Servitor Seed vendor
Nutrimax Vending Machine Nutrimax Botany vendor

To grow plants you will need the following:

  • Seeds
  • A container for liquids
  • A minihoe or shovel
  • E-Z-Nutrient
  • A patch of soil

To grow the plants you will need to use a packet of seeds on an empty patch of soil. As the plant grows you may need to add water, fertilizer or remove weeds from the soil patch. You can find out what your plant needs to grow by examining it. Seeds, Fertilizers and tools can be found either in the public garden crates or from the Super Seed Servitor/Nutrimax Vending machines.

If there is a plant growing in a plot you don't want it in, you can kill the plant by attacking it with a cutting tool like a knife.

When the plant finally matures, the plant icon should look like it has the crops on it. You can pick the fruits of your labors with you hands, or with a produce bag. Note that harvesting certain plants removes them from the tray. Luckily, the Seed Extractor machine can extract seeds from the gathered fruit so you can plant a new generation of crops.

Advanced Botany

Machine Name Description
A hydroponics tray Hydroponics Tray A more precise way to grow plants
Lysis-Isolation Centrifuge Lysis-Isolation Centrifuge Extracts traits from a seed and saves to disk
Bio-Ballistic Delivery System Bioballistic Delivery System Applies donor seed trait from buffer

Moebius and Neotheology both have access to more advanced equipment to maximize the yields of their plants.

  • Hydroponics Trays
  • Lysis-Isolation Centrifuge
  • Bioballistic Delivery System
  • Plant Analyzer

These tools, when properly used, can improve your crop yields by a noticeable margin.


The hydroponics trays and the plant analyzer tool allow for a more fine-tuned approach to growing plants. By using a plant analyzer on a planted plot or tray, you can find out:

  • What plant species is growing in the plot
  • Ideal growing light
  • Ideal temperature
  • Relative Nutrient consumption
  • Relative Water consumption
Indicator Light Plant status
Red Needs weeding or pest removal
Yellow Needs additional nutrients
Blue Needs additional water
Green Can be harvested
Red bars In poor health and may die soon

The hydroponics trays allow you to modify the plant's local environment by setting the tray's light level and sealing the tray with a lid to pump in air of a different temperature or composition.

Hydroponics trays also have a set of indicator lights to allow the grower an at-a-glance update as to what the plant needs to thrive.

Gene Splicing Plants

Each species of plant has attributes that can be spliced onto other species. Traits from the donor plant, when applied to the recipient plant, are either appended to or overwrite the recipient plant's traits depending on the trait. Traits like Biochemistry which is non-exclusive appends, while traits such as Appearance replaces since a plant can only have one appearance.

If you have a plant that you want to splice a particular attribute from, it can be placed into the Lysis-Isolation Centrifuge and processed. Processing the seed consumes it but allows you to select a specific trait and save it to a blank data disk, up until the genetic structure is too damaged to be used.

This disk can then be ejected and loaded into the Bio-Ballistic Delivery System, where the attribute data is loaded into the buffer. Applying traits damages the receiving seed which limits how many traits can be added in a generation. Higher Biology skills reduces the damage adding a trait deals to the receiving seed.

Plant Traits

Plant Characteristic Effect
Vigour How long the plant takes to mature and produce fruit. How much fruit it produces. Whether it can spread out of its tray (ie, vines).
Biochemistry Which reagents the fruit contains; which gases the plant generates.
Fruit Whether the fruit is juicy and will splatter when thrown; whether the plant has stinging spines and will inject its reagents into anyone coming in contact with it.
Diet Whether the plant consumes gases in its environment; whether the plant is carnivorous (eats pests) or eats tray weeds; how much water and fertilizer it consumes.
Metabolism Whether the plant requires water or fertilizer. Whether it alters the ambient temperature.
Environment Plant's preferred temperature and light levels, and how much tolerance it has for changes in light level.
Atmosphere The plant's tolerance for changes in temperature and pressure away from its preferred levels.
Output Whether the plant produces electrical power or bioluminescent light.
Appearance The "shape" of the plant. Also affects whether it can be harvested only once or multiple times.
Pigment The color of the plant and its fruit; the color of any bioluminescence.
Special The ability to teleport the thrower or target when thrown.

Plant Evolution

Some plants when examine might say they show a high degree of genetic shift. This means that the plant can be evolved into a new species with the right inputs and a bit of luck. To evolve a plant, you must expose it to mutating radiation. There are three sources of radiation that can mutate a plant.

  • Unstable Mutagen
  • Left-4-Zed fertilizer
  • Floral Somatoray
  • Liquid Biomatter

None of these methods however are guaranteed to evolve a plant and may instead change a trait to a new random value. Don't worry! Take a clipping of the plant and restart the process. You will know a plant has evolved into a new form if it resets it's growth stage.


Enterprising botanists will also notice that it is possible to create bee hives to generate honey. Honey can be used in certain recipes while Beeswax can be used to craft candles. Further information can be found in this guide to beekeeping.

List of Common Plants

This section contains a selected list of plant species available from the MegaSeed Servitor and possible mutations. Additional exotic variants and xenospecies may be found in the Moebius Xenobotany lab or bought from the MTV 'Faith' through the Aster's trading guild.

Seed Packet Plant Species Chemicals Mutates To Notes
Seed Apple.png
Apple Nutriment Golden Apple, Poison Apple
Ambrosia Vulgaris Nutriment, Space Drugs, Kelotane, Bicardine, Toxin Ambrosia Deus
Banana Banana Juice - Eating a banana gives you a banana peel
Berry Nutriment, Berry Juice Glowberry, Poison Berry, Atroberry
Cabbage Nutriment -
Cocao Nutriment, Coco - Yes, it is misspelled in game
Carrot Nutriment, Carrot Juice, Imidazoline -
Chanterelle Nutriment Plump Helmet, Reshi, Fly Amanita
Cherry Nutriment, Sugar, Cherry Jelly -
Chili Nutriment, Capsaicin Ice Chili
Corn Nutriment, Corn Oil - Eating corn leaves you a corn cob
Eggplant Nutriment Egg Plant
Grape Nutriment, Sugar, Grape Juice Green Grape
Grass Nutriment -
Lemon Nutriment, Lemon Juice -
Lime Nutriment, Lime Juice -
Orange Nutriment, Orange Juice -
Peanut Nutriment -
Plastellium Plasticide -
Plump Helmets Nutriment Walking Mushroom
Poppy Nutriment, Bicardine -
Potato Nutriment, Potato Juice - Roaches like potato
Pumpkin Nutriment -
Rice Nutriment, Rice -
Soybean Nutriment, Soymilk -
Sugarcane Sugar -
Sunflower - -
Tobacco Nicotine - Can be dried for use in smoking pipes
Tomato Nutriment, Tomato Juice Blue Tomato, Blood Tomato
Tower Cap Wood Pulp - Tower Cap fruit may be cut up into wood
Watermelon Nutriment, Watermelon Juice -
Wheat Nutriment, Flour - Can be fed to Cows and Chickens
White Beet Nutriment, Sugar -


Farmbot (old sprite)
  • One of the biggest boosts to plant productivity is a Farming Robot: it can water, weed, fertilize and harvest plants.
    • Farmbots have terrible pathing AI: Agrolytes are recommended to have multiple bots or rearrange the trays to be more accessible.
  • Buckets (and all containers) can have the transfer amount set via the dropdown menu. Setting the transfer amount to the full 200u will allow for you to 1-click refill a soil plot or hydroponics tray.
  • Not satisfied with the options available in the Mega Seed Servitor? You can hack it to give you a wider range of seeds for planting. Do so at your own risk!
  • Be careful when working with tunnel fungus. It may contain anything from potent healing chemicals to transformation toxins.
  • Run out of fertilizer? Additional E-Z-Nutrient can be created from chemistry or from the Church Bioprinter. Certain other chemicals can also be used to feed your crops.
  • Want to grow a modified crop in the public garden? Ask the Agrolyte or Moebius Science to modify seeds for you.
  • Plant attributes require 10GQ of data storage, plan your disk purchases accordingly
  • Each generation of plants can have one additional trait grafted to it.

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