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Deep Mining on Asteroids

Congratulations on signing on for Aster's Guild deep resources exploitation, miner, and welcome on board. Settle in and get your bearings, then proceed to the control terminal aboard the Hulk shuttle and select your first landing site! We are looking forward to seeing you in action!

First steps

You just woke up from your cryosleep as an Aster's Guild miner and don't know what do do? Here are some steps to follow to successfully extract your first minerals from those deep space rocks!

  • Head to Section III and enter Aster's Guild lobby, on the opposite side of the corridor from the Club.
  • Go down to the mining dock by crossing the two double airlocks.
  • If the Hulk shuttle is still docked to the ship, get in there! Otherwise, you can ask on Aster's Guild comms channel (:u) when the shuttle will come back and enjoy some beers at the Club (or help your fellow Aster's technicians if you're the serious kind)
  • Just after entering the shuttle, grab your voidsuit and an oxygen tank in the room near the entrance. Take the mining scanner as well, you will need it.
  • Head further inside the shuttle toward the control room to grab the rest of your gear. You should see a few locked mining lockers. You can open them with your ID card if they have not been claimed yet by another miner. Grab your shotgun, pickaxe, .50 cal slug box and put a few in your pockets for quick reload. Don't forget your mining satchel to store ores.
  • Announce on Aster's comms that you are going out in case another miner wants to come with you and so that people know that they have to go looking for your corpse if they don't hear about you in the next hour.
  • If you got everything you need, use the control console in the cockpit, select one of the available Asteroid Landing Site then launch the shuttle.
  • Oops, I hope you buckled yourself. Ah, don't worry, eating the floor don't hurt that much. Worse awaits you anyway.

I have landed on the asteroid, what do I do now?

  • Before going out, grab a spare large energy cell, a welder and a wrench.
  • Get one of the big wooden mining box and pull it into the airlock.
  • Take one of the deep mining drill in storage and pull it in the airlock as well.
  • Once you got everything, turn on your internals and use the buttons to cycle to the exterior.
  • Take a deep breath and enjoy the atmosphere (in a figurative sense, do NOT remove your helmet)
  • Use your mining scanner on the ground to scan it and watch the seismic activity level, it will impact how much minerals you get out of the cavern, but also how many golems are going to be present in your lucrative mining operations. Do not pay to much attention to the ore levels, the cavern contains lots of ore rocks and veins and they drop more than the ones on the surface.
  • Wrench the deep drill on the spot you want, then click on it with an empty hand. For the drill to work properly, the space around it should be clear (so basically nothing in a 3x3 square with the drill in the middle).
  • Get your gun ready, the Cavern contains lots of dangerous golems! Stay cautious and alert when mining in the Cavern, there will be hostiles!
  • The drill is safe and the cavern can be left open until you want another Cavern to explore.

The Deep Drill

Mining Drill.png

This giant machine is the drill that'll dig up the entrance to all those ores hidden inside the asteroid. It uses power to dig holes, uses L-sized power cells and comes pre-installed with an Asters Robustcell 5000L, meaning it will dig quite a few cavern entrances before requiring battery replacement.

(Old) To unload the drill, you can right click it and press the "Unload Drill" action. If you unload the drill while next to an ore box, the minerals will be unloaded into the box instead of the ground.

To replace the cell, the Drill must be powered down, then the hatch must be opened with a screwdriver, then you can take out the power cell and replace it.

If the drill stops working for some reason while running, it may either be because it's out of power, (Old)you pushed the ore box next to it or it was badly damaged for some reason.

Seismic activity

The Seismic Activity of the spot the Drill is on influences the density of ore inside the cavern - how much ore each mineral wall drops, and the quantity and quality of golems inside the cavern.

The higher the seismic activity, the harder the cavern is to clear out, but the more minerals you get!

(Old)The seismic activity influences the difficulty of the mining operations. The harder the mission, the more minerals you get!

As soon as the deep drill starts to extract, a first burrow will spawn, then other will follow at regular interval. Each burrow spawns a batch of golems at regular interval. The number of golems that are spawned depend on the seismic level. Special kinds of golems can spawn for the higher seismic levels. Burrows can be destroyed by attacking them to prevent the situation from going out of hands.

Seismic Level Classification Mineral multiplier Burrows Interval between burrow spawns Interval between golems spawns Golems per spawn Special golem probability
1 Dormant x 1.0 2 30 sec 24 sec 2 0 %
2 Negligible x 1.4 2 24 sec 20 sec 2 0 %
3 Typical x 1.7 3 24 sec 18 sec 3 10 %
4 Substantial x 2.0 3 24 sec 18 sec 3 20 %
5 Major x 2.3 4 20 sec 14 sec 4 30 %
6 Abnormal x 3.0 5 18 sec 12 sec 4 30 %


"Scanner reports significant seismic activity. And it's heading your way. Dig in and prepare."

The local mineral-based wildlife does not tolerate your presence here, as you are destroying their home. They will relentlessly pursue you if they see you, and will beat you down should they reach you. Killing them also collapses them into a pile of the minerals they are made of.

(Old)Local wildlife does not enjoy your mining activities and will try to destroy the deep drill. It will explode if its health pool goes to zero so you better protect it. Fair warning: any destruction of company property will be deducted from your pay at the end of the month. You can slowly repair the drill with a welder.

Golem Type Health Ballistic Armor Melee Armor Energy Armor Damage (Melee) Damage (Ranged) Speed Special ability
Iron High High None Low Low None Sluggish None
Coal Medium Medium None Low Medium None Medium When engulfed in fire, turns into a diamond golem.
Silver Low Low None Low Extreme None High Sharp attacks: bleed and puncture voidsuits. Also reflects part of the damage it takes in melee.
Plasma Low Low None High Feeble Medium Medium When shot to death, it charges up for a few seconds then explodes in a ball of plasma fire. If hit in melee whilst charging up, the charge stops and the golem simply dies.
Platinum Medium High None Medium Feeble High Sluggish Ranged attack is slow but deal massive damage and weaken the target.
Uranium Medium Medium None Extreme None None Low Heal all nearby golems at a quick rate, a priority target
Diamond Extreme High Low Medium Medium None Sluggish Goes straight toward the drill and deals massive damage to structures in its way.
Ansible Low Low None Low None Medium Medium Shoot a bolt that does burn and sanity damages. Can lock on a miner to teleport them near other golems after a few seconds.

Upon death, golems drop a few clumps of their respective ore.


  • (Old)You can destroy golem burrows by hitting them with weapons. You should try to do it when possible to limit golem spawns. With several burrows, the number of golems can quickly snowball and becomes unmanageable.
  • You can repair the drill with a tool with welding quality. If its health is above 66%, you can completely repair it. If it is between 33% and 66%, you can only repair it up to 66%. If it is below 33%, you can only repair it up to 33%. You can have a rough estimation of drill health by examining it.
  • Closing the Cavern hole will instantly kill everything inside it, so be sure to communicate with your fellow miners well if you don't want to die or accidentally kill them!