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Making Money on the Eris

You want to be rich don't you? Don't we all? You are in the right place; aboard the CEV Eris, you will find a plethora of opportunities to make a profit. There are several tools available to make your wildest dreams and your get-rich-quick-schemes a reality. Be a prestigious owner of your own small business and pad your bottom line; no matter what your line of work is. So get your best salesman smile on and close some deals!

EFTPOS Scanner Usage


These scanners let you directly pay for things with your ID card, without having to take out cash credits from an ATM. You can order one from cargo, or find them lying around in every department at round start.

Use the scanner in your hand. This should open up the transaction menu. You will want to click where it says linked account. It will ask you for an account number and a password. You can use any account here; if you are the head of a department you can input your departments account number.

Once the scanner is linked to the account, you can click on transaction amount to set the price. After the account and price are set into the scanner, you can click on `Lock in transaction`. This will lock the scanner, so the purchasing customer can swipe their card through it. The money is then withdrawn from the customers account, and deposited into the preset account. You can then unlock the scanner and input a different price for a different transaction.

Custom Vendors

There is ample storefront space, as well as open space in general in the Cargo area. Feel free to commission department expansion and construction in your own space. Make your shop your own with custom vendors and redesign the decour!


Custom Vendor
Requires to build
-Steel x 8
-Cable Coil
-Custom Vendor Circuit board x 1
-1 matter bin, 1 console screen and 1 micro manipulator, all can be bought from a Robco vendor, printed by R&D or found in maintenance.
  1. Build a machine frame from your 8 metal sheets.
  2. Add cable coil.
  3. Add the circuitboard.
  4. Add 1 matter bin, 1 console screen and 1 micro manipulator
  5. screwdriver the machine frame to finish it.
How to deconstruct
  1. Screwdriver to open the panel.
  2. Crowbar to remove all components.
  3. Wirecutters to remove the wires.
  4. Wrench to unsecure the frame.
  5. Screwdriver to disassemble into sheets.

Great! Now that we built it, we can use it for profits!

1.Use a screwdriver on the completed vendor to open the maintenance hatch

2. Swipe your ID card through the vendor to unlock it

3. Click on it with an empty hand to open the menu

Now you can put items into the vendor and customize their prices, as well as choosing which account the money will be deposited into.

This is recommended at roundstart. You can put popular items into the vendor and leave it in your lobby to free yourself up from dealing with every single customer. Even the best entrepreneurs require coffee breaks!


Are you looking for something specific with no time to look for it? Do you have a job that requires discretion? Don’t want to risk your own skin? Need some extra cash and don't mind dirty work? Use the bounty board!

1. Use your PDA with the Bounty Board App to place and sign up for bounties.

2. The app will ask you for a Title, a description, name of bounty poster, and account number that the money should be withdrawn from for the reward.

3. You can choose to remain anonymous.

4. You can use your own ID card to pay for the bounty, or input a different account number (like your department)

5. Once you post the bounty, you will have to check it again for anyone who might have signed up.

6. If someone has, you can choose them to be the recipient of the bounty.

7. Once you feel the bounty has been completed, simply remove the bounty and choose your claimant and the money will be transferred to their account.