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Aster's Trade Beacon

"Why do they need that many medkits?"

The Aster's Trade Beacon allows almost instantaneous communications between three traders using blue space machinations that the Guild will not discuss.
Beacon trade.png

Trade Beacon Program.png

Art of the Deal

Take the disk from the table, shown in the [colorhere] marker and place it into the console north of it.
Note: Any console will do, but its easier to trade in the same room.

Afterwards, just open the console up and look towards the Trade Program and open it up.

Once open, link your account, the inbound [colorhere] and outbound [colorhere] beacons, and the ship you wish to trade with.

Once this has been completed you can order items from these traders for money. You may also hit the Special Offers and find out what traders are in need of.

Completing these offers will net you credits directly into your account, which you can then spend on supply requests or more items from traders.