List of Tools and Toolmods

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List of Tools and Toolmods

This page holds the list of all tools you will find on the Eris, ranging from makeshift tools made of scrap you would find anywhere to highly advanced tools that are extremely rare, made by a long forgotten people known as one star, you can find these tools in their ancient ruins that are defended by the machines they left behind, think of it as a dungeon you must clear to gain the most valuable loot with a boss at the end.

Getting back on track, These are the tools you will need to use to construct and deconstruct a large range of objects, medical and mining tools are also included. Each variant is more effective than the previous, and the best part about CEV Eris' tools is that they can be upgraded with specialized toolmods that can improve the workspeed, tool duration, battery capacity or even make the tool silent for hacking into doors or hacking locked closets, with that all being said here's the list of the tools and toolmods below.



Icon Item Description Tool Qualities
Impro screwdriver.png
Screwpusher A little metal rod wrapped in tape, barely qualifies as a tool. This can be fixed with enough tool mods, for which it has ample capacity. SCREW_DRIVING = 15
Screwdriver tool.png
Screwdriver You can use this to open panels, screw stuff and such things. SCREW_DRIVING = 30, BONE_SETTING = 10
Electric Screwdriver An electrical screwdriver, powered by an S class cell. Can be used as a drilling tool if necessary, though is not well suited to do so. SCREW_DRIVING = 40, DRILLING = 10, BONE_SETTING = 10
Combi driver.png
Combi Driver Drive screws, drive bolts, drill bones - you can do everything with it. SCREW_DRIVING = 50, BOLT_TURNING = 50, DRILLING = 20
One star combidriver.png
One Star Combi Driver A One Star combi driver. Does better than the standard combi drivers on the market, but has less slots for tool mods. SCREW_DRIVING = 60, BOLT_TURNING = 60, DRILLING = 25


Icon Item Description Tool Qualities
Impro wrench.png
Sheet Spanner A flat bit of metal with some usefully shaped holes cut into it. Would perform better than a regular wrench with some tool mods investment. BOLT_TURNING = 20, HAMMERING = 5
Wrench A wrench with many common uses. Can be usually found in your hand. BOLT_TURNING = 30, HAMMERING = 10
Big Wrench If everything else failed - bring a bigger wrench. BOLT_TURNING = 40,HAMMERING = 15


Icon Item Description Tool Qualities
Impro saw.png
Choppa A wicked serrated blade made of whatever nasty sharp things you could find. It would make a pretty decent weapon, given there are more space for some tool mods too. SAWING = 15, CUTTING = 10, WIRE_CUTTING = 10
Metal saw.png
Metal Saw For cutting wood and other objects to pieces. Or sawing bones, in case of emergency. SAWING = 30, CUTTING = 20, WIRE_CUTTING = 20
Chainsaw You can cut trees, people, walls and zombies with it, just watch out for fuel. SAWING = 60, CUTTING = 50, WIRE_CUTTING = 20
TM Hypersaw This eco-friendly chainsaw will Rip and Tear until it is done. SAWING = 60, CUTTING = 50, WIRE_CUTTING = 20


Icon Item Description Tool Qualities
Impro cutter.png
Wiremanglers An improvised monstrosity made of bent rods which can sometimes be used to snip things. Could serve you well if you stuff it with enough tool mods. WIRE_CUTTING = 20, RETRACTING = 10, BONE_SETTING = 10
Wirecutters Cuts wires and other objects with it. WIRE_CUTTING = 30, RETRACTING = 15, BONE_SETTING = 15
Armature Cutter Bigger brother of wirecutter. Can't do much in terms of emergency surgery, but does its main job better. WIRE_CUTTING = 40, CUTTING = 30
Pliers A multitool from the world of maintenance. Useful for pinching, clamping, and occasional bolt turning. WIRE_CUTTING = 10, CLAMPING = 20, BOLT_TURNING = 15, BONE_SETTING = 20


Icon Item Description Tool Qualities
Jury-rigged Torch An assembly of pipes attached to a little gas tank. Serves capably as a welder, though a bit risky. Can be improved greatly with large amount of tool mods. WELDING = 15, CAUTERIZING = 10, WIRE_CUTTING = 10
Welding Tool Used to weld or unweld things. WELDING = 30, CAUTERIZING = 10, WIRE_CUTTING = 10
Adv welder.png
Advanced Welding Tool A better version than the welding tool. WELDING = 40, CAUTERIZING = 15, WIRE_CUTTING = 15
One star welder.png
One Star Welding Tool An old and legendary One Star welding tool. Very powerful and reliable, but its compact design causes it to suffer from a lack of both fuel storage and efficiency. WELDING = 30, CAUTERIZING = 10, WIRE_CUTTING = 10


Icon Item Description Tool Qualities
Impro crowbar.png
Rebar A pair of metal rods laboriously twisted into a useful shape. Has more space for tool mods because it's hand-made. PRYING = 10, DIGGING = 10, HAMMERING = 10
Crowbar Used to remove floors and to pry open doors. PRYING = 25, DIGGING = 10, HAMMERING = 10
Pneumo crowbar.png
Pneumatic Crowbar When you really need to crack open something. PRYING = 40, DIGGING = 35
One star crowbar.png
One Star Crowbar Looks like a classic one, but more durable. Has more space for mods too. PRYING = 25, DIGGING = 10


Icon Item Description Tool Qualities
Hammer Used for applying blunt force to a surface. HAMMERING = 20, PRYING = 10
Powererd hammer.png
Powered Hammer Used for applying excessive blunt force to a surface. Powered edition. HAMMERING = 30
One Star Sledgehammer A sledgehammer model produced by One Star, used for applying immeasurable blunt force to anything in your way. Capable of breaching even the toughtest obstacles, and cracking the most resilient skulls. HAMMERING = 50
Homewrecker A large steel chunk welded to a long handle which resembles a sledgehammer. Extremely heavy. HAMMERING = 15
Charge Hammer After many issues with scientists trying to hammer a nail, one bright individual wondered what could be achieved by attaching a stellar-grade ship engine to the back. switched_on (HAMMERING = 60) switched_off (HAMMERING = 35)


Icon Item Description
Multitool Used for pulsing wires to test which to cut. You can use this on airlocks or APCs to try to hack them.

Tape and Glue

Icon Item Description Tool Qualities
Web Tape A strip of fabric covered in an all-natural adhesive. Holds things together with the power of thoughts and prayers. ADHESIVE = 15, SEALING = 15
Duct Tape The technomancer's eternal friend. Fixes just about anything, for a while at least. ADHESIVE = 30, SEALING = 30
Fiber tape.png
Fiber Tape A roll of flexible adhesive polymer mesh, which sets as strong as welded steel. ADHESIVE = 50, SEALING = 50
Superglue A bucket of milky white fluid. Can be used to stick things together, but unlike tape, it cannot be used to seal things. ADHESIVE = 40, CAUTERIZING = 5


Icon Item Description Tool Qualities
Asters "Munchkin 5000" A fuel powered monster of a tool. Its welding attachment is capable of welding things without an eye-damaging flash, so no eye protection is required. SCREW_DRIVING = 50,BOLT_TURNING = 50, DRILLING = 20, WELDING = 30, CAUTERIZING = 10
Engineering Omnitool An all-in-one engineering tool implant. Convenient to use and more effective than the basics, but much less efficient than customized or more specialized tools. SCREW_DRIVING = 35, BOLT_TURNING = 35, DRILLING = 15, WELDING = 30, CAUTERIZING = 10, PRYING = 25, DIGGING = 20, PULSING = 30,WIRE_CUTTING = 30
Rapid Construction Device A device used to rapidly build walls and floors. N/A
Rapid Piping Device A device used to rapidly build pipes. N/A



Icon Item Description Tool Qualities
Impro shiv.png
Shiv A pointy piece of glass, abraded to an edge and wrapped in tape for a handle. Could become a decent tool or weapon with right tool mods. CUTTING = 15, WIRE_CUTTING = 5, DRILLING = 5
Scalpel Cut, cut, and once more cut. CUTTING = 30, WIRE_CUTTING = 10
Scalpel t4.png
Advanced Scalpel Made of more expensive materials, sharper and generally more reliable. CUTTING = 40, WIRE_CUTTING = 10
Scalpel t5.png
Laser Scalpel A scalpel which uses a directed laser to slice instead of a blade, for more precise surgery while also cauterizing as it cuts. CUTTING = 40, WIRE_CUTTING = 20, LASER_CUTTING = 40, CAUTERIZING = 20


Icon Item Description Tool Qualities
Hemostat Used to clamp blood vessels to prevent bleeding. CLAMPING = 30


Icon Item Description Tool Qualities
Retractor Opens the flesh open during surgery. RETRACTING = 30

Bone Setter

Icon Item Description Tool Qualities
Bonesetter Used to set broken or dislocated bones. BONE_SETTING = 30


Icon Item Description Tool Qualities
Cautery This closes and seals the opened flesh. CAUTERIZING = 30

Circular Saws

Icon Item Description Tool Qualities
Circular Saw Used to remove limbs SAWING = 40, CUTTING = 30, WIRE_CUTTING = 30
Advanced saw.png
Advanced Circular Saw Removes limbs with greater ease SAWING = 50, CUTTING = 40, WIRE_CUTTING = 40

Surgical Drill

Icon Item Description Tool Qualities
Surgical Drill You can drill using this item. You dig? DRILLING = 30


Icon Item Description Tool Qualities
Medical Omnitool An all-in-one medical tool implant based on the legendary One Star model. While convenient, it is less efficient than more advanced surgical tools, such as laser scalpels, and requires a power cell. CLAMPING = 30, RETRACTING = 30, BONE_SETTING = 30, CAUTERIZING = 30, SAWING = 15, CUTTING = 30, WIRE_CUTTING = 15
One Star Medmultitool A compact One Star medical multitool. It has all surgery tools. CLAMPING = 30, RETRACTING = 30, BONE_SETTING = 30, CAUTERIZING = 30, SAWING = 15, CUTTING = 30, WIRE_CUTTING = 25

Digging and Mining


Icon Item Description Tool Qualities
Impro shovel.png
Junk Shovel A large but fragile tool for moving dirt and rock, made by hand. Has more than enough space for tool mods to make it better. SHOVELING = 25, DIGGING = 25, EXCAVATION = 10, HAMMERING = 10
Shovel A large tool for digging and moving dirt and rock. SHOVELING = 30, DIGGING = 30, EXCAVATION = 10, HAMMERING = 10
Power Shovel 9000 A powered shovel for all your dumpster diving needs. SHOVELING = 60, DIGGING = 40, EXCAVATION = 20, HAMMERING = 15


Icon Item Description Tool Qualities
Pick hand.png
Hand Pickaxe A smaller, more precise version of the pickaxe, used for archeology excavation.21 EXCAVATION = 30, PRYING = 15
Pickaxe The most basic of mining tools, for short excavations and small mineral extractions. EXCAVATION = 30, PRYING = 20
One star pickaxe.png
One Star Pickaxe A standard One Star basic tool. There used energy technologies what makes it enough powerful and cheap at the same time. DIGGING = 40, PRYING = 20


Icon Item Description Tool Qualities
Jackhammer Cracks rocks with blasts, perfect for killing cave lizards. QUALITY_DIGGING = 35
One star jackhammer.png
One Star Jackhammer A heavy One Star tool that cracks rocks with blasts, perfect for killing capitalist pigs. QUALITY_DIGGING = 35


Icon Item Description Tool Qualities
Mining Drill Yours is the drill that will pierce through the rock walls. DIGGING = 40, DRILLING = 10
Diamond-point Mining Drill Yours is the drill that will pierce the heavens! DIGGING = 50, DRILLING = 20
One star drill.png
One Star Mining Drill Yours is the drill that will pierce through the worker, metaphorically. DIGGING = 40, DRILLING = 10


Reduces Tool Degradation

Icon Item Description Modifiers Required Qualities
Brace bar.png
Brace Bar A sturdy pole made of fiber tape and plasteel rods. Can be used to reinforce the shaft of many tools. DEGRADATION_MULT = 0.65, FORCE_MOD = 1 Any tool that has a shaft.
Heatsink An array of plasteel fins which dissipates heat, reducing damage and extending the lifespan of power tools. DEGRADATION_MULT = 0.65, HEALTH_THRESHOLD = 10 Any tool that uses fuel or power.
Reinforced Plating A sturdy bit of plasteel that can be bolted onto any tool to protect it. Tough, but bulky. DEGRADATION_MULT = 0.55, FORCE_MOD = 1, PRECISION = -5, BULK = 1, HEALTH_THRESHOLD = 10 Any tool or weapon.
Metal Guard A bent piece of metal that wraps around sensitive parts of a tool, protecting it from impacts, debris, and stray fingers. DEGRADATION_MULT = 0.75, PRECISION = 5, HEALTH_THRESHOLD = 10 Any tool or melee weapon.
Plasmablock A plasmablock is way more efficient to dissipate heat than classic heatsinks or waterblocks thanks to the tremendous heat-transfer capacity of liquid plasma. The fluid that is actively pumped through a radiator and cooled by fans. It greatly extends the lifespan of power tools. DEGRADATION_MULT = 0.45, HEALTH_THRESHOLD = 10, POWERCOST_MULT = 1.05, FUELCOST_MULT = 1.05 Any tool that uses fuel or power.
Rubber Mesh A rubber mesh that can wrapped around sensitive parts of a tool, protecting them from impacts and debris. DEGRADATION_MULT = 0.7, HEALTH_THRESHOLD = 5 Any tool or melee weapon.

Increases Workspeed

Icon Item Description Modifiers Required Qualities
Ratcheting Mechanism A mechanical upgrade for wrenches and screwdrivers which allows the tool to only turn in one direction. WORKSPEED = 0.25 Only screwdrivers.
Paint red.png
Red Paint Do red tools really work faster, or is the effect purely psychological? WORKSPEED = 0.20, PRECISION = -10 All tools and weapons.
Sharpening Block A rough single-use block to sharpen a blade. The honed edge cuts smoothly. WORKSPEED = 0.15, PRECISION = 5, FORCE_MULT = 1.15 Any item that has a blade.
Diamond blade.png
Asters "Gleaming Edge" An adaptable industrial grade cutting disc, with diamond dust worked into the metal. Exceptionally durable. WORKSPEED = 0.25, DEGRADATION_MULT = 0.85, FORCE_MULT = 1.10, Any item that has a blade.
Oxyjet Canister A canister of pure, compressed oxygen with adapters for mounting onto a welding tool. Used alongside fuel, it allows for higher burn temperatures. WORKSPEED = 0.20, FORCE_MULT = 1.15, DEGRADATION_MULT = 1.15, HEALTH_THRESHOLD = -10 Only welders
High Power Motor A motor for power tools with a higher horsepower than usually expected. Significantly enhances productivity and lifespan, but more expensive to run and harder to control. WORKSPEED = 0.5, FORCE_MULT = 1.15, DEGRADATION_MULT = 1.15, POWERCOST_MULT = 1.35, FUELCOST_MULT = 1.35, PRECISION = -10, HEALTH_THRESHOLD = -10 Any tool that uses a motor.
Anti Staining Paint Applying a thin coat of this paint on a tool prevents stains, dirt or dust to adhere to its surface. Everyone works better and faster with clean tools. WORKSPEED = 0.30,PRECISION = 5, ITEMFLAGPLUS = NOBLOODY All tools and weapons.
Booster When you do not care about energy comsumption and just want to get shit done quickly. This device shunts the power safeties of your tool whether it uses fuel or electricity. WORKSPEED = 0.35,DEGRADATION_MULT = 1.15, POWERCOST_MULT = 1.25, FUELCOST_MULT = 1.25 All items that uses a motor
Plasma Injector If the words "safety regulations" do not mean anything to you, you may consider installing this fine piece of technology on your tool. It injects small amounts of plasma in the fuel mix before combustion to greatly increase its power output, making all kinds of tasks easier to perform. WORKSPEED = 0.75, DEGRADATION_MULT = 1.3, POWERCOST_MULT = 1.3, FUELCOST_MULT = 1.3, HEALTH_THRESHOLD = -10 Only Welders.

Increases Precision

Icon Item Description Modifiers Required Qualities
Laser guide.png
Asters "Guiding Light" laser guide A small visible laser which can be strapped onto any tool, giving an accurate representation of its target. Helps improve precision. PRECISION = 10 Any tool and weapon
Gyrostabilized Grip A fancy mechanical grip that partially floats around a tool, absorbing tremors and shocks. Allows precise work with a shaky hand. PRECISION = 10, HEALTH_THRESHOLD = 10 Any single handed tool.
Magnetic Bit Magnetises tools used for handling small objects, reducing instances of dropping screws and bolts. PRECISION = 10 Any screwdriving, clamping and bone setting tool.
Ported barrel.png
Ported Barrel A barrel extension for a welding tool which helps manage gas pressure and keep the torch steady. PRECISION = 12, DEGRADATION_MULT = 1.15, BULK = 1, HEALTH_THRESHOLD = 10 Only welders.
Gravity Compensated Barrel A barrel extension for welding tools that integrates a miniaturized gravity generator that help keep the torch steady by compensating the weight of the tool. PRECISION = 20, DEGRADATION_MULT = 1.15, POWERCOST_MULT = 1.05, FUELCOST_MULT = 1.05, BULK = 1 Any tool that uses fuel or power.
Vibration Compensator A ground-breaking innovation that dampens the vibration of a tool by emitting sound waves in a specific pattern. It does not make any sense but neither do you by installing that on your tool. PRECISION = 15, HEALTH_THRESHOLD = 5, ITEMFLAGPLUS = HONKING Any tool and melee weapon.

Miscellaneous and Utility

Icon Item Description Modifiers Required Qualities
Cell mount.png
Heavy Cell Mount A bulky adapter which allows oversized power cells to be installed into small tools. BULK = 1, DEGRADATION_MULT = 1.15, HEALTH_THRESHOLD = -10, CELLPLUS = 1 Any tool or weapons that uses power.
Expanded Fuel Tank An auxiliary tank which stores 100 extra units of fuel at the cost of degradation. BULK = 1, DEGRADATION_MULT = 1.15, HEALTH_THRESHOLD = -10, MAXFUEL = 100 Only welders.
Canister holding.png
Expanded Fuel Tank of Holding Rare relic of OneStar uses the bluetech space to store additional 600 units of fuel at the cost of degradation. BULK = 1, DEGRADATION_MULT = 1.30, HEALTH_THRESHOLD = -20, MAXFUEL = 600 Only Welders.
Expansion Port A bulky adapter which allows more modifications to be attached to the tool. A bit fragile but you can compensate. BULK = 2, DEGRADATION_MULT = 1.3, PRECISION = -10, HEALTH_THRESHOLD = -20, MAXUPGRADES = 3 All tools and weapons.
Hammer addon.png
Flat Surface An attachment that fits on almost everything, that gives a simple flat surface to employ the tool for hammering. WORKSPEED = -0.1, HEALTH_THRESHOLD = 5, tool_qualities = QUALITY_HAMMERING = 10 All tools.
Aural Dampener This aural dampener is a cutting edge tool attachment which mostly nullifies sound waves within a tiny radius. It minimises the noise created during use, perfect for stealth operations. COLOR = "#AAAAAA", HEALTH_THRESHOLD = -10, ITEMFLAGPLUS = SILENT All tools and melee weapons.
Repair nano.png
Repair Nano Very rare tool mod from OneStar powered by their nanomachines. It repairs the tool while in use and makes it near unbreakable. DEGRADATION_MULT = 0.01, HEALTH_THRESHOLD = 10 All tools and weapons
Hydraulic Circuits A complex set of hydraulic circuits that can be installed on a tool to greatly improve its functions. It's loud as hell though so do not plan on being stealthy. WORKSPEED = 1, PRECISION = 10, ITEMFLAGPLUS = LOUD All tools
BSL "Randomizer" tool polish This unidentified tar-like liquid warps and bends reality around it. Applying it to a tool may have unexpected results. DEGRADATION_MULT = rand(-1,10), HEALTH_THRESHOLD = rand(-10,10), WORKSPEED = rand(-1,3), PRECISION = rand(-20,20), FORCE_MOD = rand(-5,5), BULK = rand(-1,2), COLOR = "#3366ff" All tools