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Lore basics

Canis Major

The Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy is the closest neighbouring galaxy to the Milky Way, which had been colonized by the Alliance shortly before its ruin. This is why humans in Canis Major’s borders had escaped the Milky Way's mournful destiny. Now, humanity mostly dwells here, broken out of Alliance’s chains.

The Ship

Cosmic Exploration Vessel “Eris” is a private ship, owned only by its captain. This old spaceship, which was used to transfer prisoners, had been restructured on Asters Guild’s shipyard. Stuffed with relatively expensive modern equipment, it is perfectly suited to deep space research missions.


Technological level varies from area to area, but in general is rather low because of Alliance’s policies of research crackdown for several ages. After the Alliance had fallen, things became worse with the disappearance of some technologies. For instance, microelectronics are at the level of the 90s in the 21st century. Firearms are more widely used than energy weapons. Cloning technology is available only with mysterious Neo-Theology implants — Cruciforms, and no one really knows how those actually work. Interstellar travels are provided using bluespace technologies. Short travels can be carried out by vessel engines, for long travels two-sided gates are used.


Hansa Trade Union

Hansa Trade Union (aka HTU) is a territorial unity of several trade corporations, which protect their rules, interests and monopolies. Formed from reshaped Syndicate, four main corporations have monopolized the most crucial and most profitable markets, but leave minor sectors for small businesses and enterprises. CEV “Eris” is registered as one of Hansa’s Free Vessels.

Diplomacy: HTU is rather pragmatic in diplomacy, it is ready for trade with everyone who doesn't encroach its rules, integrity and independences. That’s why Cyberchristianity's expansion annoys them, and the communistic cult of Excelsior must be eviscerated. In general, they do not care about the rest of humanity.

Artificial Intelligence: Only simple, law-approved models are allowed, but Main Corporations can create much more efficient AI’s.

Civil rights: Drugs and weapons are allowed literally everywhere, though planets and stations may have restrictions. Drug consumption at work has also been regulated. Slavery is restricted, but civilians can sign a contract with a corporation in order to be enslaved by it (which is really not that rare). There is no “universal” passport for Hansa, or citizenship, instead there are many different passports of organizations, planets, stations, which have different types of insurance, protection, rules and duties.

HTU was inspired from a romanticised hypercapitalism: pirates after each asteroid, half-cyborgized corporate elite, which measure people in money, and overcrowded hive cities. There are gray fumes, which are filtered by old-fashioned terraforming systems, the last chance for humanity to save itself.

[HTU] Ironhammer Security

Private Military Corporation which performs police functions at HTU’s vessels, stations and planets. Provides a large amount of services, from hunting criminals to escorting convoys. About fifty years ago Ironhammer Security was the Military Forces of Syndicate. Ironhammer Security has several departments, which fulfil different tasks. Here are five most important divisions:

Expeditionary fleet: Created from the money of remaining planetary states and major corporations. These are the main military power of Hansa, the protection from an external invasion.

Marshals: These people are bounty hunters. They capture and eliminate targets by the order of their contractor, an organization or a state, outside the contractor's area of influence. Despite all the Central Command’s efforts, Marshals often conflict with the local Ironhammer forces for obvious reasons.

Special Anomalistic Unit (S.A.U.): This department is responsible for seeking, securing, suppressing and destroying anomalistic objects. S.A.U. protects Hansa from the communistic cult called Excelsior, from NeoTheology agents, changelings, and other threats beyond one’s understanding. A pair of operatives from this division are among CEV “Eris” crew, hired in order to protect ship from various dangers on derelicts.

Corporate Security: This division secures property, buildings, space stations and vessels. CEV “Eris” guards are a part of this division.

Turing Police: They deal with lawless synthetics and cyborgs, or with powerful AIs without a license. This department is one of the few that acts under their own rules. These guys are very influential. Their financing comes directly from Hansa, as well as their orders. Equipment that operatives use depends on tasks they complete, and also from places where operatives are located. However, most of their weaponry is kinetic. They are severe and discreet professionals when it comes to business.

[HTU] The Frozen Star Company provides a huge variety of cheap weapons and ammunition, highly valued among the Galaxy. A lot of their firearms are kinetic, however, they also have a few, rare, energy firearms. Naming of the weaponry comes from the sci-fi genre of the Old Earth: books, films etc. In their advertisements they make references of Earth archetypes or specific works. The guns are mostly modern, but they also make replicas of 21st century weapons.

[HTU] Asters Guild

The Asters Guild is a union of spaceports, trade stations, shipyards and factories.A majestic organization which target is to control the market of deep space travels and shipments. Only Guild members have access to the most advanced engines, navigation devices, AIs, and some prosthesis for direct connection to a vessel. It’s nearly impossible to become a member of Asters Guild, and people usually get in only by commercial or other such connections. The Captain, First Officer and Merchant of CEV “Eris” are Asters. Moreover, the Merchant and Cargo area are independent, which means they are not directly subordinated to Captain.

[HTU] Moebius Laboratories

This company produces pharmaceuticals, drugs, prosthesis, and provides genetical operations. They also have the most advanced hospitals. A significant part of their business is rather mysterious, though it is known that they are involved in secret genetic experiments, using people as consumable material.

Due to all this, and because of some stories of abductions, Moebius Laboratories are rather infamous. In their marketing policy they emphasize, by modern and sterile style, on “new mind horizons” when they sell drugs, on hide potential that prosthesis can provide. Compared to their main rival, NeoTheology, they are absolutely lambs.


NanoTrasen was, perhaps, the most successful megacorporation in human's history. The key to their success was in two things: first, for a long period of time, they were the only company who had an access to the Alliance' worlds, thus being the first ones to claim their technologies. Secondly — they had a full control of systems with plasma giants, which made them the biggest and the most powerful monopoly company out there. With such power in their hands they grew more and more majestic, just as more dangerous. The more they grew — the more dangerous they were. They even managed to provide researches in the arcane spheres of wormholes and biological AI (using pure and modified brains of humans).

They also created their own weapons, which are being used by IronHammer, among other organizations. One of the most important achievements of the Corporation was the establishment the basics of Cyberspace technology, using bluespace for information transfer, creating constructs of pure energy which could perform various tasks, even connect with machines and devices through wormholes.

Years gone by, and NanoTrasen become huge, as a state. Corporation had suffered a period of stagnation… And then the rebellion happened. Suddenly, almost all the directors were eliminated in a couple of hours, and NT Military Forces were under rebel control. The next day the Church stated that corporation was purified, and would be reforged by the hand of the Church. Thus, the corporation had got a new name — NeoTheology.

Their belief was Judgement Day approaching. But God gave them technologies in order to create the civilization of righteous people, giving them the Last Chance.

Cruciform — a Tau Cross-like implant, which embeds into one’s chest. The Church assures that it keeps one’s soul for cloning. Biological age always drops to 33-35 years during a cloning process, and those who implanted with Cruciform age much more slowly. That means, that, in theory, the life of an implanted human being is... everlasting.

In addition to that, The Church has the Angel's technology. Angels are energetical constructs, which are created in bluespace after one’s death. According to information that we know, so-called Angels are early prototype of cloning technology. If one dies, his mind transfers to this construct. But this amount of information is not enough to actually perform cloning process. Angels are used like autonomic bots to work in cyberspace, to fix errors and to make repairs, or, for instance, to jam enemy’s communications. Angels stations are spread across the Galaxy, guaranteeing an access to after-death consciousness of the humanity to the Church. That’s a rather terrific thing.

Generally speaking, Angel's technology, Cruciform and cloning are beyond human comprehension. All attempts of other factions led to nothing when they tried to create something similar.

Diplomacy: being in a cold war with Hansa, The Church, however, has some kind of partnership with the Trade Union in several fields. The cause of cold war is Church’s expansion inside Hansa. Cruciforms become more and more popular, and the Trade Union thinks that it can be a dangerous factor when it comes to internal integrity, that’s why Hansa has a propagandist company against Cruciforms — for example, implanted Cyberchristians cannot be on head vacations in the Trade Union’s.

Artificial Intelligence: restricted everywhere, with only few exceptions.

Civil rights: religion is crucial for Christians, but the Church cannot control everything yet. There is a huge gap between social layers in hive cities, between righteous civillians and lowlife. In slums, where lawlessness, drugs and guns (illegally imported from Hansa, by the way), people live from day to day without any hopes and expectations. However, the quantity of righteous plodders is increasing gradually.

When it comes to the Church’s laws, among others holy commandments, Christians can’t have any implants except Cruciform. A Cyberchristian’s body will deny other implants, or Cruciform itself, which is much worse.

Deus Ex Machina stand out and constantly look upon its flock, read their thoughts, look through their souls. The Inquisition purifies other factions’ influence from NT territory, slum areas are being rebuilt into beautiful gardens, the fleet is being refreshed with the latest technology. Worlds are getting clearer and decent, but humans barely understand what is actually happening. Bulky machines activated by litanies do not reveal their inner secrets, police officers don’t know where do their orders come from, new vessels have minimal crew amount because of the miracle machines of the Church. When science comes to the background, people do not ask questions anymore. Reality slips through their fingers.


It’s hard to be sure where do these people come from. But they are not descendants of Canis Major colonists for sure. Their simple technologies are based on Alliance’s: austere and unwieldy, they do, however, outdo Hansa’s in some ways. The ideology of this faction is radical communism. Without any private property, they live in simple communes on ships and stations throughout the Space, and implants in their minds connect them in order to communicate and coordinate. Their families are neither nuclear nor extended — they have no families at all. Monogamy is restricted and despised.

The core of Excelsior — Haven, half-mythical station, the largest hive, commune, which is building ships and doing intellectual researches. Access to Haven is impossible, only few scientists and commune leaders can be found there from an “outer commune”. People from outer communes mainly excavate resources for Haven’s projects.

Diplomacy: Excelsior has hostile relationships with other factions. Because of communists’ aggressive expansion, denial of private property (they dig resources literally everywhere on others’ territory) and their agents (who are to embed on neutral mining station and to convert miners into new Excelsior commune by using implants), they are called Communism Cult.

Artificial Intelligence: the creation of AI is restricted everywhere exept Haven (it is unknown which kind of AI is there). Ship systems have basic AI.

Civil rights: commune controls people, Haven controls communes. Those who are against commune are to be destroyed. If someone will commit a crime against Haven — his commune will be… submitted for responsibility. Austere laws with a severe ambience made people of Excelsior ready to protect their lives and their commune any second. Their society is deeply militaristic. The goals of Excelsior are mysterious. In the propaganda of theirs they talk about the creation of an utopia, where everybody are equal and important, which is attract many people. On the other hand, the web of secret communes widens, Haven builds more and more ships. Things like this can’t end well.

Technomancers League

The colonists who had survived in an anomalous space filled with asteroids, became known as Technomancers. Dead asteroids were their colonies, and they built their under-dome cities on depleted planets. An aggressive vacuum environment moved their science forward. After one and a half of the century the state of Technomancers became technological utopia. They prolong human life for several centuries, and, generally, had things that humanity can’t create now… But it could not last long. Bluespace's peculiar properties were the double-edged sword: they disrupted teleportation, protecting Technomancers from an invade from the outside, but also trapping Technomancers in their sector, leaving them little variety. Soon enough, Technomancers started to fight each other for resources and space for living. This quake cracked the League, and it drowned in anarchy and internecine conflicts. This crisis is lasting now: clan leaders die like flies, territories change owners daily, and any unions are unstable.

Many technologies have been lost or forgotten intentionally. Prejudices and illogical conviction fill the science, and the the tendency to create everything with excessive luxury has ruined many originally perfect technologies. But, however, Technomancers technological level is higher than Hansa’s.

The lady calling herself the Empress managed to bring together most clans, when one of her’s scientists figured out how to break the trap of the abnormal bluespace, and when the Gates were created. Now Technomancers League has only one purpose — to colonize systems in order to no longer fight for resources.

Diplomacy: it’s rather difficult to be a diplomat in the Technomancer League. Despite the fact that the Empress provides sort of stability, chaotic atmosphere among League clan leaders (and their frequent death too) provides diversity. One part of the society can freely declare war against Hansa in the morning, but change their mind in the evening. But because of huge technological potential, which is a bargain, both HTU and NeoTheology keep their patience. The main enemy of the Empress is Excelsior, with whom she and her state fight for a few systems of destroyed Alliance, which are still good for living.

Artificial Intelligence is a crucial thing in League’s culture. AI can only exist together with a human, and this connection called Covenant. AI without owners are to be annihilated, and Technomancers without AI is considered to be a beggar person. Technomancers use their AI to perform a huge variety of purposes.

Civil rights: depends on clan and differs greatly, but the laws of the Covenant are equal among the state. The justice is performing by many assassins’ guilds, or by clan’s forces.

The Empress promised a great and honorable future for the nation. Technomants are awakening. They fill stations and Alliance’s territory. Sooner or later League is going to be majestic. But by what cost?