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Perks on Eris denote a special ability or effect for individual characters for the duration of a round. There are four types of perks that are currently available to the players: Profession Perks, Fate Perks, Oddity Perks, and NT Oddity Perks. Profession perks come with your selected job, and most faction jobs will have round-start perks that they share. Fate perks are completely optional and some even have negative effects stemming from which “Fate” background you select during character creation(under Backgrounds tab). Oddity perks are gained during the course of the round as a consequence of using an Oddity to fulfill your Insight desire. Once you reach a stat boost with that oddity, you will receive the perk that is tied to it for the rest of the round, and the perk will be removed from the oddity.

Profession Perks

Profession Perks


Icon Perk Description
Sommelier.png Sommelier This perk renders you capable of handling even the strongest alcohol in the universe.


Icon Perk Description
Survivor.png Survivor This perk halves the sanity loss you would incur from seeing someone die.


Icon Perk Description
Selfmedicated.png Self-Medicated This provides a total increase on your maximum NSA limit, which means you will be able to ingest more potent reagents together, without having any adverse side effects such as Overdose or Vomiting. Also, halves the chance of you becoming addicted to any reagent.

Asters Guild

Icon Perk Description
Merchantperk.png Merchant This perk essentially lets you use a stack of money as an Oddity, spending up to 50k of it on levelup. The more money you have, the bigger the effects of the stat boost. This perk is exclusive to the Guild Merchant profession.
Artist perk.png Artist This makes you more effective at creating art, multiplies your insight gain, and replaces normal rest methods with creating art. This perk is exclusive to the Artist profession.
Deepconnections.png Deep Connections This provides you with one of 4 things when you start your round:
  • Knowledge of a random language selected from ones you don’t already speak.
  • Knowledge of one contract from the traitors contracts board. This will only reveal the specifics of that contract, including names of targets for assassination and implantation, locations of spy sensor areas, or items that are targets for theft.
  • A stash paper. This will spawn a new stash and give you the corresponding note for its location. Make sure you grab it quickly, lest someone else stumble on it.
  • A special item in a box. There is a large variety of items you could start, but its random everytime. Included are things like oddities, firearms and holsters, tool mods, hardsuits and hardsuit modules, and high capacity energy cells.


Icon Perk Description
Raising The Bar.png Raising The Bar People around you recover sanity.

Technomancers League

Icon Perk Description
Exoticinspiration.png Exotic Inspiration This boosts your Cognition and Mechanical stats any time you imbibe any alcohol. This will make you faster with tools and decrease your chance to fail any kind of mechanical work, including robot limb repair. This perk will tell you if its active under the “Show Stats and Perks” window.

Church of Neotheology

Icon Perk Description
Truefaith.png True Faith Your sanity recovers much quicker (50% faster) when you are in range of a Neotheology Obelisk. Everybody with a cruciform has this perk, so you can visit the chapel for some time to recover your sanity quite rapidly.
Neat.png Neat This perk gives you environmental sanity damage resistance, and restores sanity on cleaning.
Greenthumb.png Green Thumb This perk allows you to examine plants for detailed information, and restore sanity by harvesting plants.
Channeling.png Channeling This perk increases the effectiveness of group rituals on the holder, and increases cruciform energy regeneration.


Icon Perk Description
Vagabondperk.png Vagabond This perk puts a limit on the total amount of sanity damage you can incur from what is in your view. Where a regular crew members sanity can go down to 20 from environmental factors, yours will stop at 40. Beware the Noble, and Rejected Genius fates will cancel out this perk.

Fate Perks

Fate Perks

Icon Perk Description
Paperworm.png Paper Worm This fate gives you a -10 to all stats when you begin, in exchange for a bigger chance of rolling a positive outcome when you suffer a breakdown.
Freelancer.png Freelancer This perk will take into account your starting stat values and take your biggest one and lower it by 10 points, while boosting all of your other stats by 4.
Nihilist.png Nihilist This increases chance of positive breakdowns by 10% and negative breakdowns by 20%. Seeing someone die has a random effect on you: sometimes you won’t take any sanity loss and you can even gain back sanity, or get a boost to your cognition.
Moralist.png Moralist Your Insight gain is faster when you are around sane people(above 60% sanity) and they will recover sanity when around you. When you are around people that are less that 50% health or less than 30% sanity, you will take sanity damage from them.
Drugaddict.png Drug Addict You will start with an addiction to a random drug, as well as a bottle of pills containing the drug. This explicitly applies to all the reagents under the “Drug” category in the MIRC program.
Alcoholic.png Alcoholic Grants a +10 bonus to Robustness stat while under the influence of alcohol. You also start with a major alcohol addiction and -10 to Cognition.
Noble.png Noble Indicates that you are a person of nobility, giving you a bigger chance to become a target for antagonist contracts. The contract value for your head is worth more telecrystals then regular crew members. Your environmental sanity loss is no longer limited, so the sight of blood and any discomforts will cause breakdowns. You start with a family heirloom weapon that also acts as an oddity, and has your family name engraved on it.
Rat.png Rat You start with a +10 to Mechanical stat and -10 to Vigilance. You will have a -10 to overall sanity health, meaning you will incur a breakdown faster than most. However, your footsteps become much more silent and you gain a chance to ignore a trap when walking over it. This includes things like wire splices, bear traps, mousetraps, and mines.
Rejectedgenius.png Rejected Genius Your environmental sanity loss cap is removed, meaning you can incur breakdowns by spending too much time around things like blood and corpses. Your maximum sanity health is decreased by 20, and your chance of a positive breakdown is always at 0%. Your insight gain speed is increased by 50%. This allows you to reach stat boosts and oddity perks much quicker; as long as you can keep your sanity from dragging you into ruin.
Oborin.png Oborin Syndrome A mysterious disease of which those afflicted, see the world in a black and white palette and cannot make out the taste of food. This grants you an increase of 20 to your total sanity pool.
Lowborn.png Lowborn You are the lowest rung of society. Your family name doesn’t matter to anyone, so you have long since abandoned it. You cannot play as any Command roles. With this perk, you are allowed to have a singular first name, so make sure to change your characters name to just utilize the first name slot. Examples would include “Imp”, ”Brick” or “Rat”. You also gain a +10 increase to your total sanity pool.

Oddity Perks

These perks are specifically tied to oddity items found in game. You can find them laying around maintenance or buy them from vagabonds, or sometimes the Asters Guild. You must get an insight and fulfill your desire with the oddity in your inventory to gain the perk. Simply examine the oddity to learn which perk it can grant you.

Oddity Perks

Icon Perk Description
Fastwalker.png Fast Walker You will move slightly faster than others.
Earofquicksilver.png Ear of Silver You will be able to hear what others are say from further away. However, flashbang grenades and such will stun you for double the time.
Junkborn.png Junkborn There is a chance that a rare item will spawn upon clearing any trash pile with a shovel and taking out all of its contents.
Ballsofplasteel.png Balls of Plasteel You will be able to take about 20 more points of damage before falling into pain crit state from any source. This is the equivalent to about 20 extra points in Toughness stat.
Absolutegrab.png Absolute Grab You can leap towards people by using Grab Intent from 1 tile away and initiate grappling. Wont work if anything is in between you and the target.
Quietasmouse.png Quiet as Mouse Your noise coefficient is permanently lowered by 50%.
Surestep.png Sure Step You have an additional chance to avoid a trap such a wire splice, bear trap or mine while running.
Nightcrawler.png Night Crawler You move 50% faster in the darkness, instead of being slowed down by it.
Chaingunsmoker.png Chaingun Smoker Nicotine now recovers additional sanity and heals a slight amount of brute and toxic damage.
Bloodoflead.png Blood of Lead You only incur 50% of incoming toxic damage.
Lungsofiron.png Lungs of Iron You will only incur 50% of incoming respiratory damage.
Parkour.png Parkour Climbing tables, ladders and up z-levels is now 50% faster.
Charmingpersonality.png Charming Personality People around you will recover sanity.
Horribledeeds.png Horrible Deeds People around you will lose sanity. This can cause people to have breakdowns.
Terrblefate.png Terrible Fate Anyone who is around you at the moment of your death must roll a Vigilance sanity check. If they fail, their sanity will instant be dropped to 0 resulting in a breakdown.
Toxicrevenger.png Toxic Revenger People around you will cough periodically and incur a small amount of toxic damage, unless they are wearing internals.
Assofconcrete.png Ass of Concrete Nobody can move past you, even on help intent. You wont slip in gravity. Beware that you can still be pushed, disarmed and grabbed but nobody will be able to move past unless you initiate the movement.
Unfinisheddelivery.png Unfinished Delivery Upon your death, there is a 33% chance of your organs healing themselves and essentially bringing you back to life. The perk will disappear after this happens and you will be asleep for about 30 seconds, but alive as long as your brain is intact in your skull.
Spaceasshole.png Space Asshole You take 40% less fall damage, and gain 25 points of bomb resistance.
Gunslinger.png Gunslinger Any gun that doesn’t require 2 hands to use will fire 33% faster.
Fastfingers.png Fast Fingers You can silently empty pockets of others and steal things from their hands and ear slots by clicking on their sprite and dragging it to yourself and using the menu. Placing things silently into their hands also works. You can silently put pills into drinks.
Marketprof.png Market Professional You can appraise the value of an item just by looking at it.
Ammobox.png Gunsmith You have double the crafting points in crafting station (machine), instead of the usual.
Circuitry.png Hiveborn Power cells recharge in your hands.

NT Oddity Perks

Only the Eye Of The Protector's oddity type can have this perk.

NT Oddity Perks

Icon Perk Description
Thirdeye.png Holy Light You heal brute and burn damage of any NT around you, including yourself, if you have a cruciform.