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Style and Armor

Stylish Not Stylish

One of the quirks of the CEV 'Eris' is the style system. This system allows player to have more freedom in clothing options by introducing the ability to dodge incoming shots - if you are cool enough.

As a general rule clean, unarmored clothing is stylish while clothing that provides some form of protection or utility is not. Only visible layers of clothing are counted for style.

Where do I get Style?

The best way to gain style is by wearing (stylish) clothing - sunglasses, hats, jackets and the like. Every piece of clothing has a style value between +2 (very stylish) and -2 (very unstylish). The amount of style that an article of clothing plummets if it gets dirty (blood or oil).

Stylish clothes can be found basically everywhere: junk piles, lockers, roundstart loadout, there is even a clothing vendor in locker room. Oldified ("old", "worn", "expired") clothing is very unstylish.

Not wearing gloves/glasses/hat/backpack is also stylish.

What does Style do?

Slick/Unslick Actions
Slick Unslick
Smoking Puking
Suplexing Slipping
Dropkicking Holstering a knife from a boot
Being on fire Being disarmed
Reloading a Revolver/Double Barrel Resetting a table
Removing a knife from a boot Being thrown on a table
Spinning a held item
Disarming an opponent
Flipping a table
Throwing a target on a table

Style operates differently from armor. Rather than reducing incoming damage as armor does, style allows the user to attempt to negate an entire attack by dodging.

When a character is stylish they generate slickness, up to a cap defined by the amount of style the character has. Slickness can be used to dodge projectiles and ride explosions. Doing so reduces slickness, until the user is no longer able to keep avoiding damage.

In addition to passively regenerating slickness from style, character can gain slickness by doing certain actions and lose slickness by other actions. Each action generates or removes a percentage of the character's maximum slickness.

Style also affects insight gain, with positive style speeding it up and negative style slowing it down.

Countering Style-based defense

A player with high style isn't invincible. Style can be worn down or even bypassed with the right tools. Every shot that is avoided by dodging takes away from the defender's slickness. Once the defender is out of slickness, they can no longer dodge and take the full damage of each hit.

Different ammunition types consumes a different amount of slickness. As a rule of thumb, the larger the caliber the more slickness it will take to dodge.

Style also has no effect on melee attacks or attacks that target terrain rather than a defender. These sorts of attacks bypass slickness entirely, though they have their own drawbacks.

Special cases

  • One special case is that revolvers deal additional slickness damage based on their wielder's own style. The more stylish a revolver user is, the harder it is for their targets to dodge.
  • Thrown objects also damage slickness - pies in particular are very effective!
  • Sufficiently strong explosions cannot be ridden - an explosion that would gib a person cannot be negated by slickness!