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Preparation for surgery

When preparing for surgery you want to make sure your hands are clean and you are wearing the proper gear. Below is a simple guide to prepare yourself for surgery.

  • Place your patient into the Body Scanner to determine what needs repair.
  • Put on your surgical mask and latex gloves to prevent infection during surgery.
  • Place your patient onto the Operating Table and remove their clothing.
  • Open the Anesthetics Closet and grab the Wrench and a tank.
  • Wrench the Anesthetics tank onto the medical stand.
  • Cover the patient with the anesthesia mask (Click+Drag from tank to patient)
  • Click on the tank and open the valve to put them to sleep.
  • Spray the patient (and maybe yourself) with a bottle filled with sterilizine to sterilize and remove germs.
  • Make sure you are in the HELP Intent.

You are now ready to begin surgery.

Note: The Patient Monitoring Console will tell you your patient's status and if they are alive along with their damage status of Brute, Toxin, Fire, and Oxygen.

Beginning Surgery

When operating make sure you know where you are operating, whether it be shrapnel in the upper body or a broken bone. Otherwise you will end up beginning surgery on a completely other body part.


When beginning surgery make sure you have everything ready, see above.

  • Use the Scalpel on your selected body part
  • Use Hemostat to clamp bleeding (Prevents bleed out)
  • Use Retractor to open the NanoUI Menu
  • On the menu select 'Diagnose' if the problems are not shown to you

Note: If you have high enough BIO (Doctors, and such) you will immediately identify issues

  • Select the required tool to heal damage.

Note: If you are unsure what to use so long you are on help intent and click on the NanoUI buttons you will be prompted with what sort of tool you need

  • Finish up with your surgery, use the Cautery tool to close the incision and complete the surgery.

Note: Failure to close the incision will lead to possible infection of the person and deal toxin damage.

Surgical Tools

Item Description


Scalpel - Used to open incisions.


Hemostat - Used to clamp bleeding and prevent bleedout. Also used to remove shrapnel and other foreign objects during surgery.


Retractor - Used to open the incision, remove bone shards, and brings up the Nano UI Menu.


Bonesetter - Used to mend broken bones or repair fractures.


Circular Saw - Normally used to open the chest cavity and skull.


Surgical Drill - Too be added.


Cautery - Used to close the incision. Usually done after surgery has been completed.


Below are different tables that go through common surgical procedures. It does not include teaching people how to implant bombs into others.


Internal organs removal and transplantation

  • Prepare for operation.
  • Head contains brain, eyes, and nervous system.
  • Torso contains heart, lungs, and liver.
  • Groin contains kidneys and appendix.
  • Aim for chosen area.
  • Use scalpel to make an incision.
  • Use hemostat to stop bleeding.
  • Use retractor to keep the incision open
  • (Torso/head) Use circular saw to open the cavity.
  • (Torso/head) Use retractor to keep it open.
  • Use scalpel to separate the organ.
  • Use hemostat to remove it. Caution: if you want to use this organ for transplantation, place in fridge. For cyborgization, place brain in an MMI.
  • (COMPLETING ORGAN REMOVAL OPERATION)(Torso/head) Use retractor to close the cavity.
  • Use bonesetter to fix the cavity.
  • Use cautery to close the incision. Done.
  • (THE BEGINNING OF THE TRANSPLANTATION) Complete first three (five for torso/head) steps.
  • Place the organ into the cavity.
  • Use hemostat to connect organ.
  • (Torso/head) Use retractor to close the cavity.
  • (Torso/head) Use bonesetter to repair the cavity.
  • Use Advanced Trauma Kit/nanopaste if necessary.
  • Use cautery to close the incision. Done.

RIG removal from a corpse

  • Put the body on the operating table.
  • Aim at the torso.
  • Use welding tool or circular saw to open the RIG.
  • Remove RIG's control module from the back.


  • Use scalpel on all areas you want to scan.
  • Use autopsy scanner on all areas you want to scan.
  • Print report by clicking on autopsy scanner.

Robotics Related Surgery(Augmentations)