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On the CEV 'Eris', Genetics is the science of identifying and activating latent powers in humans via mutations. Passengers of the ship may contact Moebius Laboratories about activating their true biological potential, or purchase sequences from other donors to protect themselves from the various dangers of the ship.

Genetic Machines

Chrysalis Pod


The Chrysalis Pod is a stationary DNA scanner. To scan a target, drag them onto the machine and use the outside control panel to scan them.

Genetic Regurgitator


The Genetic Regurgitator produces items to apply or remove genetic mutations from nutriment, glucose or animal protein. The Regurgitator takes liquid containers and data disks like a standard autolathe.

ML "Sensillum"


The ML "Sensillum" is a handheld DNA scanner. Unlike the Chrysalis Pod, the ML "Sensillum" cannot independently scan a person's DNA; in order for the handheld DNA scanner to collect data the DNA donor needs to be injected with Kognim as a catalyst for genetic analysis. Kognim can be synthesized from any Chemical dispenser, being a compound of one part radium, two parts ryetalyn and one part synaptizine.


When using the Sensillum it is recommended to limit the amount of Kognim injected into the target as the reagent causes a large amount of pain when it is metabolized. More than 5u of Kognim may send the target into paincrit in short order.

Analyzing Genes

Every human being has at most 3 latent mutations that are dormant. These mutations can be scanned with the Chrysalis Pod or the ML "Sensillum" and saved to a storage device. The scanned data can then be analyzed by the Genome Decoder software.

Genome Decoder

The Genome Decoder is a Moebius Labs software that decodes genetic data and categorizes it by it's function. To use the decoder simply download the software onto any compatible laptop or console, insert the disk of encoded genetic data and let the software do the work. The time that the software takes to decode the genome is dependent on the hardware of the host computers - more powerful processors speed up the decryption of the genetic data. The Genome Decoder software may be downloaded through the Download Manager.


Mutation Tier Probability and Capacity
Nero Vespasian Tacticus Hadrian Aurelian
Probability 45% 25% 15% 10% 5%
Limit per person 5 4 3 2 1

Moebius has cataloged several types of mutations, each with their own tier of rarity. More powerful mutations are typically rarer to find and have stronger drawbacks when activated. Each passenger has at most 3 dormant mutations that can be scanned, pulling from the following pools of mutations.

  • Each mutation "card" is drawn separately - if a human has 3 dormant mutation each one has a 45% chance to roll from the 'Nero' tier of mutations
  • Dormant mutations cannot be repeated - a human cannot have Blindness twice

Mutations by Tier

Nero (Tier 0) Mutations

Mutation Effect Drawbacks
  • Mutant cannot see
  • Adds 0 NSA
  • Mutant cannot hear
  • Adds 0 NSA
  • Mutant needs glasses
  • Adds 0 NSA
Stat Debuff
  • Mutant has -15 in the effected stat
  • Adds 0 NSA

Vespasian (Tier 1) Mutations

Mutation Effect Drawbacks
Stat Buff
  • Mutant has +25 in the effected stat
  • Adds 10 NSA
No Reject
  • Mutant does not reject incompatible blood types and can have any limb or organ attached to them
  • Adds 10 NSA

Tacticus (Tier 2) Mutations

Mutation Effect Drawbacks
Lesser Healing
  • Mutant slowly heals as if they had Tricordizine in their bloodstream
  • Adds 15 NSA
Mind Projection
  • Mutant may speak to a target telepathically
  • Adds 15 NSA
Remote Observation
  • Mutant may see through another person's eyes
  • 1 minute cooldown
  • Adds 15 NSA
Force Speak
  • Mutant may speak through a target
  • Target has a 70% chance of identifying who is speaking through them
  • Adds 15 NSA
Numb Fingers
  • Mutant does not leave fingerprints
  • Adds 0 NSA
Roach Pheromones
  • Mutant may release Roach Pheromones, making Roaches friendly for about a minute
  • Ability has a 2 minute cooldown
  • Other humans in range without internals take sanity damage
  • Adds 15 NSA
Spider Pheromones
  • Mutant may release Spider Pheromones, making Spiders friendly for about a minute
  • Ability has a 2 minute cooldown
  • Other humans in range without internals take sanity damage
  • Adds 15 NSA

Hadrian (Tier 3) Mutations

Mutation Effect Drawbacks
  • Mutant periodically rejects foreign objects from their body, such as shrapnel
  • Rejection will eject implants and prosthetics if not paired with the No Reject mutation
  • Adds 20 NSA
Greater Healing
  • Heals the mutant as if they had a constant feed of Bicardine
  • Adds 20 NSA
Oborin Syndrome
  • Mutant sees the world in greyscale
  • Mutant has increased sanity
  • Adds 0 NSA
Night Vision
  • Mutant may see in the dark
  • Adds 20 NSA
Thermal Vision
  • Other creatures appear highlighted to the mutant without a red tint
  • Adds 20 NSA
Inner Furher
  • Mutant may emit a scream that attracts nearby roaches
  • 1 minute cooldown
  • Adds 20 NSA
  • Mutant may interact with objects using mental powers
Clerical Psishielding
  • Mutant is immune to all effects of Neotheology litanies
  • Adds 20 NSA

Aurelian (Tier 4) Mutations

Mutation Effect Drawbacks
God Blood
  • Negative effects of implants are suppressed for the Mutant. This includes cruciforms and excelsior complant implants
  • Adds 0 NSA
X-ray Vision
  • Mutant may see through walls
  • Adds 15 NSA
  • Mutant may pass through solid walls over a period of 15 seconds
  • Adds 20 NSA
Morph Body
  • Mutant may change their body to match someone else
  • Adds 10 NSA

Activating Mutations File:DNAMeatCube.png

Once a mutation has been scanned and decoded, Moebius can print out an imprinter - a meat cube that imprints a mutation on a person's genetic code. The imprinter can be printed out from the Gene Regurgitator for a nominal cost of 15u of nutriment or like material.

To apply a mutation:

  1. Select the genetic mutation from the scanned mutations list
  2. Select the "Make Imprinter" button
  3. Have the target consume the resulting imprinter

Removing Mutations File:WormDNACube.png

In the case of undesirable or unnecessary mutations Moebius Laboratories offers removal services. To remove a mutation, Moebius Labs provides "antidotes" - worms that remove unwanted genetic mutations.

To remove a mutation:

  1. Select the target mutation from the scanned mutations list
  2. Select "Create Antidote"
  3. Have the mutant consume the resulting worm

Note that this is a targeted removal - if no mutation is selected before the Antidote is created the worm will remove a randomly selected mutation on consumption.

Genetic Reagent

If you grind down an imprinter you will notice that it contains 5 units of "twitching meat." This reagent is responsible for mutations, and can be consumed straight from a beaker, or even injected. Do note, however, that injections will cause significantly more damage. Additionally, if two different kinds of genetic reagents are mixed together, they will revert into a random T0 mutation – or a targetless antidote if either is an antidote worm. A lesson to learn from this is to keep lag in mind, which can slow down the speed at which mutations activate or deplete from the system, which can cause accidental T0 mutations when the patients consume multiple imprinters too quickly. A way to circumvent this is to inject one cube as a reagent, while consuming the other orally, which places them in separate reagent systems, preventing mixing.

Mutants in Society

Most passengers on the CEV 'Eris' won't care that any particular person has mutation unless that mutation would cause them direct harm. Neotheology as a faction however does not look kindly on human Mutations, even if individuals may be more or less tolerant. Ship law outlines most mutants as legal per The Agreement, however overtly hazardous or destructive mutations may see the liberal application of Ironhammer Cease and Desist projectiles applied to the mutant's head in a repeated fashion.


Cruciforms passively suppress mutations in Neotheology members, unless that person has an active "Godblood" mutation to negate the Cruciform implant. Cruciforms slowly remove mutations in their hosts over time.


Neotheology Obelisks passively apply BURN damage to mutants within their range. The amount of BURN damage scales off the number of mutations the human has and the tier of the mutations. Mutants with multiple high-power mutations may literally start melting in the presence of holy symbols.