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Stats are numeric values that signify your character's skill in various areas. Besides being a guide to your character's knowledge, they also affect the probability of some actions succeeding, depending on the stat. There are three "general" stats: Mechanical, Cognition, and Biology, as well as three "combat" stats: Robustness, Vigilance, and Toughness. The stats are usually around -10 and 60, albeit there is no limit how high or low they can be. The roundstart stats defined by character's chosen occupation, backstory and some fate perks. The stats can be further increased by oddities system and (only temporarily!) Certain drugs with potential side-effects.

Stat Breakdown

Stat Description


Mechanical - Character's ability in building and using various tools. The mechanical skill (MEC) affects your proficiency with engineering, construction, and deconstruction. Very important for Technomancers.

Character's ability in building and using various tools.

The world hadn't ever had so many moving parts or so few labels.


Cognition - The cognition skill (COG) primarily effects technical tasks, especially those dealing with computers. However, it is also important for repairing. It also increases your Neural System Accumulation(NSA).

Knowledge and ability to create new items.

Too many dots, not enough lines.


Biology - The Biology skill (BIO) is primarily important for doctors, as it directly affects chances to cause additional damage during surgery. Also important to botanists when gardening.

Competence in physiology and chemistry.

What's the difference between being dead, and just not knowing you're alive?


Robustness - Robustness (ROB) affects a variety of things, including bolting or unbolting and prying. In terms of combat, it reduces the chances of your weapon becoming embedded in a target, as well as increasing the chance of actually hitting a target.

Increases your damage in unarmed combat, affects the knockdown chance.

Violence is what people do when they run out of good ideas.


Toughness - The toughness skill (TGH) generally increases your tolerance, be it for pain or alcohol. The higher your Toughness the faster alcohol metabolizes in your body. Toughness also increases the chance to block an incoming attack.

Enhances your resistance to poisons and also raises your speed in uncomfortable clothes. Toughness also reduces your chance to be dazed and knocked down by punches. At 40 TGH, you cannot be afflicted by addictions

You're a tough guy, like it really rough guy, just can't get enough guy, chest always so puffed guy.


Vigiliance - The vigilance skill (VGL) increases your chance to hit the limb you're targeting and can help with preventing you losing your sanity too quickly.

When good people cease their vigilance and struggle, then evil men prevail.

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