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The Mighty Junk Tractor Beam

Scrap Beacon (Inactive)

"One man's trash, is another man's treasure. Literally"

The Junk Tractor Beam is an object specific to CEV "Eris" it allows to capture junk fields and find something of various usability.

Bare Basics

Junk Tractor Beam workspace

The beacon is located at the lowest deck aboard the CEV "Eris" and across the hall from the recycler and provides a mechanic for all inhabitants of the CEV "Eris" to reap the bounty of the scrap piles without venturing into the maintenance tunnels. The Junk Tractor Beam itself can be found on the lowest deck of Section 3, Southeast corner. You can get to this location by taking the south exit of the Asters Guild lobby and following the path all the way down to the bottom floor and then taking a right (East) turn at the intersection.

The Junk Tractor Beam workspace can be broadly broken up into 3 areas:

Ready Room The Ready room at round start contains the basic tools you will need to break down a junk pile (shovel, crowbar, wrench) as well as space gear.
Airlock The Airlock allows players to move between the pressurized area of the CEV Eris and the Junk Tractor Beam.
Junk Tractor Beam The several pillars, control console and a free space in the middle for the portal.

If you arrive later in the round and you cannot find one or more of these objects there should be spares scattered around the ship, or you may purchase the tools from the Guild or another inhabitant of the ship.

To activate the beacon, go to the blue console on the left and click "Capture Junk Field" if beacon is not active.

Management Junk Tractor Beam

To control the Junk Tractor Beam, the console is used (It is located on the left) when you open it, you will see this interface:

Junk Tractor Beam Console.png

Choose Junk Field - allows you to select the point where the portal will be opened.

Capture Junk Field - allows you to run capture junk field process and start creating a portal to go to this zone.

Release Junk Field - portal is being shut down and the junk tractor beam goes to cooldown.

Cancel Capture - active during the capture junk field process and allows you to cancel the capture process.

Recycler Belt

Running around the the edge of the Junk Tractor Beam workspace is a conveyor belt. This belt is controlled by the lever next to the exterior airlock and feeds into the CEV "Eris" trash and recycling system.

Once the conveyor belt has been turned on it will take anything placed on it to the trash sorting machine. Trash taken this way is sorted to be sent to either the Bioreactor chamber or the Recycling machine.

The Recycling machine is NOT accessible to members of the general public, but is instead controlled by the members and employees of the Asters Guild. The machine converts most objects into their basic materials such as steel, plasteel, silver, wood and so on. These materials may be sold to various interested factions on the ship or exported for credits.

All inhabitants of the CEV "Eris" have access to the beacon which they can use to either help Aster's out by recycling goods, or search for their gear they want.


  • As with everything on Eris, the Junk Tractor Beam is a dangerous tool. Be careful when you enter the portal, unknown dangers and a vacuum are waiting for you, and also make sure that no one turns off the portal on the ship, you don't want to stay living in ruins, right?
  • Suggest Aster's pay vagabonds for throwing things into the recycler conveyor, this way Aster's make money through materials and vagabond can make money doing something useful for once.
  • Vagabonds can take items they find, and at times sell to Aster's or Moebius for a quick profit if you find something they're interested.
  • Certain subspecies of roach can survive the vacuum of space.