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Guide to the Church of NeoTheology

Summary of NeoTheology

The Church of NeoTheology, summarized; Are essentially space Christians with a fanatical outlook against AI, mutants, robotics, and augmentations. Their followers are not allowed the use of such devices as it goes against their teachings. They use cruciforms to hold their 'soul' (DNA) to clone their followers after death keeping up with the belief they are immortal. For the complete lore see:NeoTheology Lore

A hive city, where NeoTheology is slowly creating their own heaven.

NeoTheologian Equipment

These are the basic items all followers of the Church of NeoTheology.

Item Description


Cruciform - Cornerstone of NeoTheology, it is necessary to revive believers and to use litanies from the Bible. It violently detaches all augments and prosthetics from a body when implanted and activated. Baptizing Carrions gibs them. Removing the cruciform causes the wearer to instantly die. The common cruciform has: 50 energy, Preacher cruciform has: 80 energy, and Inquisitor cruciform has: 100 energy.


Ritual Knife - Necessary to speed-up the process of a baptism. If the unbeliever has one or several prosthetics and wants to become a NeoTheologian, the implantation of a cruciform will cause the augmentats to detach violently, and he will be driven into critical condition. Kill him with your knife and start the process of cloning, then use the body for bioreactor fuel and wash the floor.

Cahorbarrel.png Cahorbottle.png

Cahors - church wine. The most effective anti-toxin on the whole ship but in limited quantities. Can be purchased in TheoMat, or be found inside cahor barrel at the ritual room.

Eye of the protector EOTP.gif

Eye of the protector or EOTP. A unique structure located in the ritual room that rewards its followers for their faith with various benefits. How EOTP works:

The reward is given for exceeding the power mark of an EOTP of more than 100, you can find out the power of an EOTP by examining it. The rate of energy accumulation depends on observation, which is increased by installing obelisks throughout the ship. After exceeding the energy parameter above 100, you are given a reward and the accumulated amount of energy is reset. The rewards are not one-time and are issued every time the power parameter exceeds 100. You can influence the probability of receiving a certain type of reward by making offerings of a certain type. Only a preacher or an inquisitor can make offerings.

Divine intervention - Requests the Eye of the Protector for construction materials. You must offer 200 biomatter.
Holy guidance - Present your prayers to the Eye of the Protector. You must offer an oddity and 40 fruits.
  • Armaments - meaning design disks - weapons, utilities, everything that can be printed in biolathe.
  • Alert - detects antagonist location (only borer, carrion and blitz) and sends a vision to preacher. If there is no preacher - then to random disciple.
  • Inspiration - positive breakdown for every NT on the ship. With 50% chance.
  • Oddity - Spawns an NT oddity. This is a very strong oddity and can also be improved by the preachers litany. It has a holy light perk, you can read about it here - perks
  • Stat buff - Buffs random stats by 10 points for 20 minutes for every disciple on the ship.
  • Material reward - Spawns some materials. Uranium, plasma and diamonds spawns in a pile of 30, gold and silver in 60, and plasteel in full stack of 120.
  • Energy reward - regains cruciform energy for every NT.

NeoTheology machinery

Machine Description
Clonepod.png Clonepod - The device used by Preachers and Acolytes to resurrect a fallen believer. For a single body you will need 300 biomatter, if you have not enough biomass or there is no power inside ritual room. The process is activated by reciting the "Resurrection" litany in front of the cloner.


Cruciform reader - Reads the cruciforms of the fallen and allows them to be cloned in the pod. To begin the process, place a cruciform with their 'soul' into it to clone the person who the cruciform belonged to. After cloning is finished do not forget to place the cruciform onto the new cloned body.


Biomass container - Stores the biomatter for cloning use. To fill the container you will need a bucket to pull biomatter from a biomatter tank and place it into the container.
Biomatter tank large.png Biomatter Tank - Used to store biomatter created from the bioreactor. With these tanks you may turn the biomatter into biomass for use of the printer, or use the biomatter to fuel the biogenerator and fill the bio container for cloning purposes.
Theomat.png TheoMat - This will sell you everything you need to worship God. Bible.png - 500 credits. Cahorbottle.png - 200 credits. And candles for 200 credits. Hides inside it some Cruciform.png if you hack it.
Nt obelisk.gif Obelisk - This Obelisk will only activate when those with Cruciforms are within the room or nearby. It will eliminate roaches and spiders for use as biofuel. [Editor Note: Verify what other mobs are killed]
Nt bioreactor.png Bioreactor - This machine allows you to dissolve anything organic and turn it into biomatter. This biomatter can be used to create NT specific items using the bioprinter, fill the biomass container for resurrections or power the biogenerator.
Nt biogenerator.png Biogenerator - Use biomatter created from the bioreactor to power the chapel separately from the main power grid, or if you're benevolent enough, power the ship with the biomass from the creatures found in maintenance.
Nt solidifier.gif Solidifier - Use this machine, located upper left of the Bioreactor room, to turn the liquid biomatter into solid biomass to be used in the bioprinter. How to use; Simply bring over a canister, place it on the tile above of the solidifier and click+drag the canister towards the solidifier.
Nt bioprinter.png Bioprinter - Used to craft NeoTheologian related items with the NT disk. It is essentially an autolathe for NT followers that use biomass to create items.
Cruciforge.gif Cruciform Forge - Used to craft cruciforms. To create 1 cruciform, a fixed number of resources is required - 10 biomatter, 5 plasteel and 2 gold.


These are ritual phrases that benefit followers who recite them. The energy provided from the cruciform will be used upon using these, which will return over time. Each cruciform is different based on your rank in NeoTheology.

  • Acolytes, Agrolytes, Janitors and other ordinary believers have 50 Energy
  • Preacher has 80 Energy
  • Inquisitor has 100 Energy
Name Description Text
Relief Short litany, weakens pain much like a painkiller. Et si ambulavero in medio umbrae mortis non timebo mala
Soul Hunger Litany of pilgrims, relieves you of some of your hunger but also gives a small ammount of toxins. Panem nostrum cotidianum da nobis hodie
Entreaty Call for help, this can be heard by other NeoTheology believers. Deus meus ut quid dereliquisti me
Reveal Adversaries Gives you information about your environment. Most of the time it tells you about roaches and other aggressive monsters and traps. Et fumus tormentorum eorum ascendet in saecula saeculorum: nec habent requiem die ac nocte, qui adoraverunt bestiam, et imaginem ejus, et si quis acceperit caracterem nominis ejus.
Cruciform Sense Very short litany to identify NeoTheology followers. Targets individuals directly in front of caster or being grabbed by caster. Et si medio umbrae.
Revelation A person close to you will have a vision that could increase their sanity... or that's what you hope will happen. Patris ostendere viam.

Resurrection and Machinery Litanies

Only the Preacher, Inquisitor and the Acolytes may use the litanies to commit to resurrection. The litanies using the Bioreactor and Biogenerator may be used by those within the Church.

Name Description Text
Epiphany Litany which will activate an installed cruciform and finish the baptism of a new believer. It works only from the Preacher's lips. To make it work you need place a naked person on the altar, and while looking at him, read this litany. After the cruciform is installed and activated, use a bandage on his chest since installation creates minor wounds. Activation of a cruciform will cause ALL augments to fall off (including internal synthetic ones), and will create a mess of mutant beings. In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus sancti
Resurrection Litany which will activate the cloning process. To make it work you need to remove the cruciform from a corpse by using the Deprivation litany, and afterwards place the cruciform into Reader-off.png, then move to look at Clonepod.png and read this litany. Qui fuit, et crediderunt in me non morietur in aeternum
Power biogenerator song A ritual, that can activate or deactivate power biogenerator machine. You must be in front of the metrics screen for this litany to work. Dixitque Deus: Fiat lux. Et facta est lux. Et lux in tenebris lucet, et renebrae eam non comprehenderunt.
Bioreactor solution pump's lullaby This ritual pump in or pump out solution of bioreactor's chamber. You must be in front of the bioreactor console for this litany to work. Nihil igitur fieri de nihilo posse putandum est.
Bioreactor chamber's words This ritual open or close bioreactor chamber. You must be in front of the bioreactor console for this to work. Constituit quoque ianitores in portis domus Domini ut non ingrederetur eam inmundus in omni.

Priest Litanies

These litanies are usable by Preachers, Acolytes, and Inquisitors. Anyone can use any litany on who, but it's good courtesy to not use litanies such as Atonement or Deprivation against people higher in the Church than you.

Name Description Text
Reincarnation Returns the soul to a body. After creating a new body, remove cruciform from Reader-off.png, and place it on the altar with the new body. Use "Commitment", and after that - "Reincarnation". That will connect the ghost to the new body. If the ghost sitting in their old body it will create problems with connecting to the new one. Vetus moritur et onus hoc levaverit
Commitment Litany which will command a cruciform to connect to the chest of new human. After that, you can activate the cruciform and baptize someone or connect a soul to new a body. It causes damage to the chest and some bloodloss. Unde ipse Dominus dabit vobis signum
Deprivation Litany which will command cruciform to detach from chest. It's important, because it's the most simple way to remove a cruciform from a corpse. It doesn't need an altar to be used, only a dead body. Et revertatur pulvis in terram suam unde erat et spiritus redeat ad Deum qui dedit illum
Asacris Litany that will remove any upgrades from the believer. Almost useless, but can be used by Inquistiors to remove the current Preacher. But also, Preacher can use it to make some of believers safer by removing the Crusader upgrade. A caelo usque ad centrum
Pounding Whisper Gives a temporary increase to the stat "Mechanic" to everyone who hears you. This buff will stay for ten minutes. Vocavitque nomen eius Noe dicens iste consolabitur nos ab operibus et laboribus manuum nostrarum in terra cui maledixit Dominus
Revelation of Secrets Gives a temporary increase to the stat "Cognition" to everyone who hears you. This buff will stay for ten minutes. Quia Dominus dat sapientiam et ex ore eius scientia et prudentia
Lisp of Vitae Gives a temporary increase to the stat "Biology" to everyone who hears you. This buff will stay for ten minutes. Ecce ego obducam ei cicatricem et sanitatem et curabo eos et revelabo illis deprecationem pacis et veritatis
Canto of Courage Gives a temporary increase to the stat "Robustness" and "Toughness" to everyone who hears you. This buff will stay for ten minutes. Huic David ad te Domine clamabo Deus meus ne sileas a me nequando taceas a me et adsimilabor descendentibus in lacum
Commitment to Determination Gives a temporary increase to the stat "Vigilance" to everyone who hears you. This buff will stay for ten minutes Cor meum et caro mea, potest deficere, sed non in viribus Deus cordis mei et pars mea Deus in aeternum
Atonement Inflicts pain upon the target. Piaculo sit <target>!
Baptismal Record Prints a Church Record of people who are baptized, that is to say, tells you all the Christians on the ship. Memento nomina...

Using the Bioreactor

The Bioreactor is used to turn all organic items and things into biomatter, this includes dead bodies, clothing, armor, and critters such as roaches and spiders. The conveyor is linked to Cargo's disposal system and a biomatter sorter will determine what can be used, and will filter it into the bioreactor platform. The input machine left of the console will determine what is accepted into the bioreactor, and what is not.

Will turn all organic things into biomatter.

This guide will explain how to use the great bioreactor.

1. Use the litany "Bioreactor chamber's words" to open the doors for the bioreactor.

2. Place whatever organic items you have within the glass (On the platform).

3. Use the litany "Bioreactor chamber's words" to close the doors to the bioreactor.

4. Use the litany "Bioreactor solution pump's lullaby" to pump a solution into the chamber to dissolve the organic items into usable biomatter. The biomatter will be stored into the large tank to the right of the chamber.

Nt bioreactor full.pngNt bioreactor solution.png

5. Open the reactor console to view how much biomatter was collected, then use the litany "Bioreactor solution pump's lullaby" to pump out the solution from the chamber, any contents that can not be dissolved will be discarded just above the tank in their most basic form, ie: armor will give you steal sheets.

6. Walk towards the tank connected to the chamber and touch it. This will move the tank into a lower position, then wrench a large or medium biomatter canister to the tank. The tank will immediately begin filling the canister until it is either full or has no more biomatter in store. Use the console to check how much biomatter is left in the tank.

Nt bioreactor tankfilling.png

7. After your canister is filled, unwrench it from the tank and you may now use the biomatter in the canister for whatever you may need it for.

8. Touch the biomatter tank to return it to the upper position to begin the ritual to create biomatter once again.

Notes: Living beings will suffer as they are slowly dissolved into the chamber. It is not a quick death. Their brain will not be dissolved into biomatter. Any inorganic mass such as armor will have certain resources in it smelted and turned into sheets, which can be used in the bioprinter.

To prevent contamination of the biomatter, acolytes and acolytes must clean the pipes. Contamination risks ruining the biomatter. Please see cleaning the bioreactor below.

Biomass.png Bioreactor Maintenance


To prevent contamination of the reactor you must maintain the reactor, this includes cleaning the exposed pipes, repairing any form of damage, and overall keeping the reactor clean and in perfect condition.

The Pipes: They become exposed when the tank is in the lower position, so it is best to clean the pipes while you are filling a biomatter canister. Use a mop to clean the pipes.

Note: If the pipes are at the status of CONTAMINATED, they will throw out 3-4 items called 'solid biomass', these are toxic things and cleaning them up will do super toxins if you don't have equipment with bio-resist (luckily NT Acolyte and Agrolyte clothing have 100 bio).

The Reactor platform (vat): Use a mop on the glass to clean the dirty glass. It is best to clean when there is any sign of contamination.

Note: If all three glass panes are dirty, you can not use the vat.

REPAIRS: In case of a structural failure of the Bioreactor (any part of it permanently destroyed), you will need the NeoTheology Circuitry Disk, located in the Preacher's locker in their office. You then need to print the circuitry (a visit in Chemistry or R&D will likely be necessary, for you will need a beaker of silicon for printing), and construct it like any other machine (activate at least 8 sheets of steel in your hand, and select "machine frame" [Warning: must be done on the exact tile you want the machine to be - it's immobile after construction).

After you place a machine frame, add some wires to it, insert the circuit board, and then examine the machine - the description will tell you which specific parts you need to finish it.

In case of broken glass, you will need to click with 2 sheets of reinforced glass (metal rods + glass) on a "Bioreactor platform" tile (which is itself a machine, so if a platform is gone, you have to rebuild it first!).

Using the Biogenerator

Nt biogeneratorhow2.png

This excerpt will explain how to power the Biogenerator to power the chapel. First you must look to the top of the floor to your two SMES.' These two will receive power from the biogenerator and charge upon receiving power from it. When the biogenerator is running, it is best to check these two for charging and how much power it is outputting. The biogenerator will create 10kW from biomatter and takes it in at 2 u/s. So do not use canisters that have low biomatter as it would not be worth it.

The biogenerator will power the chapel, outside of the ship's grid. It may be necessary to power the chapel when the Technomancers have failed their engine ritual or someone has delaminated the Supermatter. This guide will explain how to power the Biogenerator.

  • Drag a large canister and wrench it onto the platform in the red square.
  • Turn on the valves in the green squares.

Note: What amount of units you set for the valves determines how fast or slow power is output.

  • Walk in front of the console and say the litany Power biogenerator song
  • Biogenerator will start up and begin generating power.

At this time you want to check if the SMES are power on or not. If they are not on, the energy provided will charge the SMES' for future use, otherwise they will begin to power the chapel. If you do not want to waste biomatter because the engine is currently powering the chapel, simply turn the SMES off and the biogenerator will charge them for the future, when the engine is gone.

Biomass.png Biogenerator Maintenance


Nt biogeneratormaintenance.png

The components of the biogenerator will degrade during use, and will need cleaning (pipes), repairs (coil) and replacement (wires).

The Pipes: In order to clean pipes, you need to unscrew the connector port for the tank (highlighted in red). The tank needs to be detached first. Once the port is open, use soap (the more contaminated the pipes, the more times you will need to do it, until they're clean).

The Coil: The coil is located inside the upper part of the generator (highlighted in pink). You need to apply a screwdriver to open the hatch and expose the coil. When the coil is exposed, simply weld it (remember, Acolyte - your eyes are a gift from God! Respect it by wearing proper eye protection before welding!).

The Wires: The wires are contained within the lower part of the generator (highlighted in green). Once again, simply unscrew the cover. Then, you'll need to cut the old wires and apply a fresh batch.

Note: Do NOT unscrew the control console (middle piece of the entire biogenerator). If you apply a screwdriver and open the panel, the control console will cease to function, and will be deaf to your litanies (even if you close the panel back). If that happens, you need to apply crowbar (with the panel open) in order to deconstruct the machine. Then, you need to just put the circuitry and all other components back in, and apply screwdriver. The machine will be rebuilt.

Tips for Neotheologians as a whole

  • Litanies can be used without the Bible.png just say them.
  • Nonbelievers will very rarely convert to NeoTheology by themselves, you need to search interested ones and spread the word of NeoTheology by either pamphlets or private messages. We don't recommend using the radio too much as IH may dislike that. Try to bring people to Church and tell them more about the religion to convert them, and don't be afraid to ask believers to help you with the propaganda, it helps to have someone who can be trusted to reassure the nonbelievers to convert. Then notify the preacher someone wishes to convert.
  • Remember to check the morgue as there could be weapons or useful items the church can use to benefit themselves, such as ID cards for better maintenance access or weapons to defend the chapel with.
  • The preacher is not a soldier, Acolytes and Agrolytes are always asked to be armed to defend the chapel and the preacher. Acolytes can commit to the ressurection litanies, however the preacher is your leader. If the leader perishes, you may be lost in what to do.
  • Agrolytes can use the chapel's garden to grow plants. These plants can be used to sell to the club, or used as biofuel for the Bioreactor.
  • The Obelisks will eliminate any mobs hostile towards crew. They're only activated when someone with a cruciform is within the room.
  • The disposals system has a bio-sorter that stops corpses from going on into normal disposals, if you're ever in trouble or have to deliver a christian corpse, use disposals! It's a shortcut to the Chruch.
  • Litanies do not activate if they are stuttered. Whispering the litany may overcome this problem, if you are not in too much pain. Try not to rely on the Relief or Entreaty litanies too heavily in combat situations.

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