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Guild.png Aster's Guild

The Guild of Merchants, (which also consists of the Captain and First Officer), whose interests lie in profits and wealth. Those profits are mainly secured by providing the masses of consumers with everything and anything they might need- provisions, equipment, weapons and cargo. Most Guild folk share a common sentiment for the reinforcement of capitalist ideology, and a love for action-packed adventures filled with loot, money, and exotic commodities.

Job Role Difficulty Wage Guides
Guild MerchantFancy.png
Guild Merchant
Make money, supply the crew, make more money. Manage the rest of the Guild, and advise the captain on pursuit of profitable ventures. Medium 1200 The Agreement, Guide to Profiting, Guide to Banking, Junk Tractor Beam
Guild TechnicianFancy.png
Guild Technician
Assist the aims of the Guild onboard the station. Take supply orders, and deliver them once fulfilled. Follow the guidance of the Merchant to ensure profit. Easy 450 Guide to Profiting, Guide to Banking, Junk Tractor Beam
Guild MinerFancy.png
Guild Miner
Pilot the mining barge to promising asteroids to extract valuable ores. When not mining, assist the Guild on the station. Medium 750 Junk Tractor Beam, Deep Mining
Guild Artist
Entertain the crew. Try to earn some spending cash as an artist on a dying spaceship. Easy 600 -