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Guild Merchant
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Guild Merchant
Difficulty: Hard
Superior: Captain
Duties: Represent the Asters Merchant Guild to the best of your ability on the Eris, and maximize profits.
Guides: The Agreement, Guide to Profiting, Guide to Banking
Quote: Best I can do is 50 credits for the RPG.

Job Description Ingame

“You are the head of the local branch of Asters Merchant Guild, and Eris' guild representative

A staunch entrepreneur, you are motivated by profit, for the guild and especially for yourself. You are here firstly to make as much money as you can, and secondly to keep the crew supplied. You can order things at cargo using the local guild funds, these will not magically replenish so you will run out of money quickly if you don't charge. Take payments by card or cash, and deposit them into the guild account to enable more purchases.

The guild also operates all the vendors on the ship, every credit paid into them goes to your guild account. Naturally operating is a two way street, you are expected, when necessary, to refill those vendors. Or send a technician to do it.

You do not receive a salary, but the local guild funds are yours to use. You may pay yourself as much as you like from that account, take the funds and use them for any purpose. Bribery is a good one, you can get people to do a lot of things if you flash some cash, and its a good idea to keep a few thousand credits on hand in-cash to bribe your way through potentially difficult situations.

Things to bear in mind

  • Nobody has a right to free stuff. You are well within your rights to charge for anything you distribute, and you won't make a penny if you don't.

  • Eris has few laws on contraband. If someone wants something and they can afford it, you get it for them. Don't try to play moral guardian and don't ask questions. You are not responsible for whatever they do with your products.

  • Loyalty is a priceless resource, yet cheap to maintain. Don't screw over the miners and technicians working under you.

  • Charity is a weapon. Used correctly, it can do wonders for your public image. A few gifts spread around makes for good returning customers"


"Keep the crew supplied with anything they might need, at a healthy profit to you of course. Buy up valuable items from scavengers, and make a profit reselling them. Deploy your mining staff to harvest matter and materials. Counsel the captain on directing the ship towards profitable opportunities"


"As a merchant, your first loyalty is to money. You should be unscrupulous, willing to sell anything to anyone if they can pay your prices. Direct the ship towards profitable endeavors, and press the captain to make choices that will be financially lucrative.

Your second loyalty is to the guild. Ensure it retains good relations with privateers like the captain of Eris, and don't embarrass it. This means limiting your price gouging to only moderate levels. If you make an enemy of everyone, it may prove a costly mistake"

The Guild Merchant is the head of the Eris branch of the Aster's Guild. He is a direct member of the Aster’s Guild organization which controls most trade ports in the known universe. It is the Merchants responsibility to create profit for the company while supplying the ship with necessities as required by the crew. He has access to the Guild bank account, and is one of the few people who can create new bank accounts for individuals or departments.

The Guild Merchant is the role you pick when you are interested in cargo roles, but more specifically in dealing with customers and customer service. If you like setting up a storefront, buying odds and ends from vagabonds, and haggling over and fulfilling orders for profit; this is the job for you.


As a Aster's Guild member, you are the backbone of the CEV Eris economy. Although you're characterized as a greedy miser, being the only reasonable way to obtain money means that you have the power to ruin the economy for everybody else. Demanding a huge cut of the profits from exports can make people unable to buy anything, and slow the flow of the game for everyone else. As long as you keep that in mind and don't demand a unreasonable cut of the profits, you may otherwise conduct business as you see fit.

Keep in mind other members of the ship. IH is there to help quell any riots by entitled customers. Miners double as personal muscle while they're not on their proper job. The Captain and First Officer are fellow Guild Members who may be interested in a profitable venture.


In your office, you will have available to you: a shotgun, some bean bag shells, an export scanner, a supply console and regular console, and an EFTPOS scanner. There is also a Cargo Lockdown button which will shutter the windows and doors to the department with reinforced blast shutters in case of emergency. You will have a full view of the cargo lobby below you, to spot any trouble. Feel free to download the Command app on the console, or on your PDA which will let you call an evacuation and make ship wide announcements. You are a department head, after all.

Exports and Imports

You can use the ATM in the cargo lobby to withdraw some capital to use for purchases; Use the supply console to use the money in the cargo account to order crates of goodies. Once you order and authorize something(type your signature when it asks for reason), you can load up crates full of cargo that you want to export for profit onto the bluespace teleporters on the bottom floor of the guild.

To use the Cargo Export scanner found in your locker, just click on the Cargo Supply console to link it. Then you can use the scanner on goods and materials to find out how much money you will receive for its export on the shuttle.

Running a business

See Guide to Profits

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