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Guild Technician
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Guild Technician
Difficulty: Easy
Superior: Guild Merchant and Captain
Duties: Maintain the storefront for the merchant, and salvage valuable loot from ship maintenance, Ruins, and Beyond.
Guides: Guide to using the Trade Beacon
Quote: Hey boss, I found a nuclear authentication disk.

Job Description Ingame

"You are a low ranking member of the Asters Merchant Guild, and an apprentice to the local merchant. You may one day take over his position. You are equal parts scavenger, loader, shopkeeper and salesman. Remember the guild's core role here. To keep everyone supplied with everything they could need, and to profit from this endeavour.

Your main duties are to keep the local guild branch operational and profitable. To that end you should look out for all of the following tasks:


  • Delivering goods to persons or departments that ordered them.
  • Staffing the front desk, taking payments and orders, buying up items from scavengers that come to sell things.
  • Visiting departments to take orders in person, ask if there's anything they need, and try to sell them unusual items that may aid their efforts.
  • Providing lesser services. Busted lights? Broken vendors? The guild can be there to help, for a small fee.
  • In quieter times, head into maintenance areas and scavenge for useful goods to resell.

Your first loyalty is to yourself and survival. This ship is mostly just a paycheck to you. Your second loyalty is to the merchant, he ensures you're well paid and respected, in a universe where workers are often treated as interchangeable parts."

As a Guild Technician, you are an initiate of the Asters Guild. You are not yet a fully-fledged member however, and do not actually hold any authority. The Technicians work tirelessly at the mercy of the Guild Merchant in hopes of achieving a recommendation from a recognized member of the Guild; so that they themselves can reach for their wildest dreams of running cargo and making dollars hand-over-fist.


Your main duty is to assist the Guild Merchant in any way they need. This usually takes form in the way of:

  • Tending to buyers and sellers at the Guild desk.
  • Delivering requests from the Beacons to their owners.
  • Unloading the recycling machine and restocking it with credits.
  • Operating the Trade Beacon.

The Aster's Guild aboard the Eris is a bustling hub of activity, so make sure you are ready for your responsibilities of dealing with many customers in a single shift. People will require goods to purchase, and to be purchased from them. It is up to you to be self-sufficient in case you are the only one tending the shop (In which case looking at the Guild Merchant page may be helpful); otherwise make sure you consult the merchant for big transactions or anything you might be unsure about.

Available to you is a Cargo Export Scanner found in your locker inside of the Cargo area. Use this item on the supply console to link it. Now you can use it on items and materials that people will bring you to estimate the value of the items when exported through the Trade Beacon. This can help greatly in making sure you are treating customers fairly (or otherwise).

As a Guild Technician you also have full service maintenance access. If the shop is taken care of and you find yourself with nary a way to make a profit; feel free to explore the maintenance for valuables. You never know what kind of item can net you a bonus and favour from the Merchant. Remember, the Captain and the First Officer are also members of the Asters Guild. It can go a long way in the Guild if more than one member can vouch for your competency and reliability. Making yourself useful to these people might be a smart thing to do depending on your situation.

Reading Material

Do you have ambitions on this cold, massive hulk of a ship? Then consider reading these pages to inform yourself of things you would need to know, in case of sudden changes in the departments management.

See Guide to Profits page

See Guild Merchant page

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