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Difficulty: Hard
Superior: God
Duties: Complete your objectives and make sure the church doesn't stray from the path of the lord
Guides: No separate guides
Quote: "May the lord cast judgement on you, heretic"

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NeoTheology Inquisitor
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A high ranking member of the clergy and Deus Ex Machina placed on board in order to monitor the flock of the Preacher and keep the faith sacred. Their duty is to ensure that the church and the members of it remain pure, and to cleanse any corruption that springs up, subtly.


As an Inquisitor, your tasks are threefold.

First, you must accomplish any tasks handed to you by New Rome. Those are your in-game objectives, viewable through the "Notes" command.

Second, you must guard the flock. Ensure the ship has a acting Preacher, and if a NT member ends up being a Contractor or a Godblooded Mutant, dispose of them.

Third, you must enforce the law of Deus Ex Machina. This is humanity's last chance, and you cannot allow destruction to spread throughout space, even if enforcing his will requires the deaths of a few.

To help accomplish your goals, you have an expanded list of Inquisitor litanies, as well as all the Preacher litanies and an upgraded Cruciform with 100 power in it. This means that not only can you perform the duties of the preacher, but you also have extra tools to help you carry out your holy work.

Reading the Preacher's page may be helpful to you, and it is heavily advised that you read up on church lore in general if you roll Inquisitor.

Inquisitor litanies

Name Description Text
Convalescence A decent heal which soothes burns, bruises and restores oxygen, while dampening pain. Dominus autem dirigat corda vestra in caritate Dei et patientia Christi
Succour Has the same effect as Convalescence on the faithful. Must touch the target disciple. Venite ad me, omnes qui laboratis, et onerati estis et ego reficiam vo
Scrying Allows you to see through the eyes of the faithful for 30 seconds. Ecce ego ad te et ad caelum. Scio omnes absconditis tuis. Vos can abscondere, tu es coram me: nudus.
Sending Send a message to one of the faithful. Audit, me audit vocationem. Ego nuntius vobis.
Initiation Completes the upgrade of a Disciple's cruciform into that of a Preacher's. Requires a Preacher Ascension Kit (from your uplink) to have been used on a normal member's cruciform beforehand. Habe fiduciam in Domino ex toto corde tuo et ne innitaris prudentiae tuae, in omnibus viis tuis cogita illum et ipse diriget gressus tuos
Knowledge Tells you how many telecrystals you currently have. Cor sapientis quaerit doctrinam, et os stultorum pascetur inperitia
Penance Inflicts a massive amount of pain on a cruciform bearer. Mihi vindicta [Victim]
Bounty Allows you to access a special uplink with a number of NT tools and guns that are reduced in price. Supra Domini, bona de te peto. Audi me, et libera vocationem ad me munera tua


  • Like the preacher, litanies can be used without the Bible.png as they can be just spoken.
  • Inquisitors are at their peak when interacting with NeoTheology members. You can draw a lot of power from followers, and should a different faction be causing consistent trouble, a open crusade is a reasonable option.
  • You can choose to not get your hands dirty and instead covertly manipulate the church into doing your bidding through use of Scrying and Sending litanies. Note that though followers are not forced to follow your orders, you can enforce their obedience through use of the penance litany. This allows you to not reveal yourself, or to reveal yourself in a safe way. Preachers would be well advised to follow your orders, lest you take their power from them. They are your only real subordinates other than those below you ship-wise.
  • Do keep in mind that litanies like Penance and Deprivation should be used sparingly, however, else you may get a talking to.
  • Remember that you can perform all the duties of the Preacher, and more. You can even remove the current preacher from power and replace them, or upgrade all disciples into preachers to share out the workload.
  • NT members are eager to hunt for Carrions, but less so to hunt other Mutants. You will need to encourage them, or hunt alone. It may be helpful to check the Genetic and Aberrant Organ pages to learn what mutations do and how to detect them, or take note of which machines you need to destroy in order to stop the flood of mutants once and for all.
  • It is very useful to whisper your litanies, particularly ones that you shouldn't have access to, such as your preacher litanies and your inquisitor litanies.
  • Don't be afraid to punish NT followers who step out of line or threaten to bring trouble to the church, this is literally your job.
  • Don't be afraid to eschew one or multiple of your tasks for the sake of fun. Sometimes antag objectives rolled by the game aren't conductive to a fun round, and maybe there is bigger meat going around than random mutants wandering the halls.

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