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NeoTheology Custodian
NeoTheology Custodian
Difficulty: Easy
Superior: NeoTheology Preacher and Captain
Duties: Maintain the cleanliness of the ship, for the sake of the crew's sanity. Stuff roach corpses in disposals to feed the biogenerator.
Guides: no separate guides
Quote: Est sordes et ultra.

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Neotheology Custodian
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You are the Custodian; a part of the Church of Neotheology on board. You cannot pick this job without first picking a Cruciform core implant in character creation. The humble custodian is responsible for cleaning the public areas of the ship, keeping on top of pest and burrow problems in the halls and collecting organic matter for the bioreactor.


At round start you will spawn in the chapel area. Find your custodial locker and wear the armour provided to you; the NT armour gives you a high resistance to biological damage and will allow you to go into the Bioreactor room when it is operational. Some of the things you will find in your locker include:

  • Soap
  • Galoshes
  • Trash bags
  • A light replacer
  • A mop
  • Water bucket with cart
  • Asters brand cleaning foam grenades
  • Space cleaner

A box of mousetraps is also available in the custodial office as a somewhat ineffective measure against most of the pests found on Eris.

Your job is to clean the public areas of the ship. Throughout a round many things will happen that will definitely leave an unsightly mess in the halls. Tensions are always running high aboard the Eris, and the crew is under a lot of stress. So much stress in fact that seeing things like blood covered hallways and mutated roach corpses can cause unwanted mental breakdowns and other psychological trauma. This is where you come in.


  • Use what you have at your disposal to keep the ship spotless, and collect all organic matter such as roach and spider corpses for use in the bioreactor room in the chapel.
  • Invasive pests and flora use burrows to travel between different levels of the ship. You can dig up these burrows and weld the floor cracks to prevent further intrusion.
  • Burrows contain trash piles that will be dumped on the floor once you dig them out. Carry a shovel or a spade with you to dig out the trash and get rid of the pile!
  • Dead pests and vermin can be cut up using a tool with a cutting property to gather their meat, or collected in lockers to be broken down in the reactor. Keep in mind that certain fauna contain useful chemicals if butchered instead.
  • Try to focus on the public areas of the ship including: the central Hallways, the lobbies of the different departments(Security, Medbay, Cargo, and Engineering),the dormitories, the cryogenics room, as well as the club and the chapel. These are all high traffic areas you should focus on to minimize sanity effects of seeing blood and trash in the hallways.
  • You are not expected to clean the maintenance, but you may wish to utilize traps in some areas to try and reduce the vermin population.
  • Fungus will also grow in the maintenance and eventually penetrate into the public areas. You may consider preventative measures of digging up the burrows, or use tools and fire to purify the mushrooms.
  • You can use obelisks to roach-hunt, although Kampfer roaches will be gibbed.
  • Fuhrerole's adverse effects can be negated with Cahor (to deal with toxins) and a little determination (wait out the addiction)
  • A Toughness blessing or Group Prayer will make you more resistant to pain, Robustness increases health & chance to hit
  • Reveal Adversaries is capable of telling you if there are any wire splicings nearby as well as roaches. While the latter is expected in maintenance, the knowing about the former is helpful to prevent accidental shocks

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