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The villains who prefer crude and very lethal methods, pursuing the goal of distorting something positive on this ship, or its full destruction. Their objectives are many but none are pleasant.

Job Role Difficulty Threat Guides
Accomplish your assigned objectives. Medium to Hard Moderate -
Serbian arms.png Serbian Mercenary
Finish your contract. Hard Round-Ending -
Excelsior-32.png Excelsior Infiltrator
Start your cyber-communism revolution, take control over the ship, build your special commie base. Hard High -
NeoTheology.png NeoTheology Inquisitor
Control believers and assign them tasks. Punish the sinful. NeoTheology should stay pure, and perfect. Hard Helpful to High Guide to Neotheology, Preacher
Complete your objectives, finish contracts, or brick the server by spawning too many spiders. Hard High -
Blitzshell Assault Drone
Finish contracts and upgrade yourself. Protect your employers interests. Defend yourself at all cost. Hard High -
Borer new.png
Cortical Borer
Infect a human or monkey, reproduce and try and keep the host alive. Hard Helpful to High -


Unexpected allies, hiding among the crew, and following on the heels of villains - their task is to crush the enemy, and restore justice, preventing tragedy.

Job Role Difficulty Threat Guides
Ironhammer.png Ironhammer Marshal
Find the antags, investigate their crimes step-by-step, and kill them. Take help from Ironhammer. Very Hard Helpful -