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Excelsior Infiltrator
Excelsior Infiltrator
Difficulty: Hard
Superior: Excelsior Leaders
Duties: Convert the crew to communism, build or take a ship
Guides: no separate guides
Quote: "Together we are strong"



"... it’s difficult to indicate where they are coming from. They began to be noticed right after the Galactic War, and they are definitely not descendants of the colonists of the Great Dog galaxy ..." - excerpt from the History of Discord, chapter eight


Excelsior is a radical communist organization. They live in small communes on stations and ships scattered throughout space. Everyone who is in a commune has an implant, which forms a peculiar gestalt-consciousness and connects the members of the commune into a single network for communication and cooperation. Among Excelsior monogamy is considered shameful - there are no separate families, and children are brought up by the whole commune. As a result, private property is not recognized.

The center of Excelsior is a semi-mythical station called Haven - the largest commune engaged in intellectual work and the production of spacecraft. All other communes are called external, and their members are informally dubbed "outsiders." Outsiders are mainly engaged in mining work throughout the galaxy, extracting a huge amount of resources for the needs of Haven. The location of this station is carefully hidden; not everyone can get there from outsiders, as a rule, only communal leaders or scientists have such a privilege.

Communists have extremely hostile relations with other factions. There are two reasons for this, the first is the denial of any private property, and as a result, the use of foreign territory for the extraction of resources, as well as a kind of privateering - the robbery of civil courts and stations. The second reason is the way the Excelsior expands: an agent implanted at a neutral station often begins to force the crew to “convert”, creating a commune, and exerting control over it. Circumstances forced Ironhammer and the Church of NeoTheology to unite against this phenomenon, called the “Cult of Communism”.

As for artificial intelligence, its creation is forbidden everywhere outside Haven. How AI is equipped Heven - a mystery. Excelsior spaceships have only basic AI.

On the issue of citizens' rights, the commune regulates everything, and Haven directs the commune. Those who went against the community must be destroyed, and the whole commune is responsible for the crime against Haven. Such laws are complemented by the harsh living conditions and hostile attitudes of the rest of humanity, forcing the communists to lead a militaristic lifestyle, while in constant readiness to protect the community.

The goals of Excelsior are not too clear. In their propaganda, they speak of creating utopia, where everyone is equal and everyone is important, which captivates many. The network of secret communes is growing throughout the galaxy, Haven is producing more and more ships, and it cannot end well for the galactic community.


Get up, accursed ...

So, you've infiltrated the CEV "Eris" in order to seize the ship (and if possible convert the crew) for the needs of Haven. Your first step is to find a cache with the necessary equipment. To do this, check the Notes in the IC tab - it shows its approximate location and your tasks as Excelsior's saboteur. It contains machine boards and disks that you will need to get the revolution going. After checking, use your excelsior communications (under the cybernetics tab) to check in with your fellow comrades!

After deciding who is going to recover the stash, start on getting the materials together and finding a spot to build a base. To setup your machines you will need, at bare minimum:

  • 3 matter bins
  • 1 micro manipulator
  • 1 console screen
  • 10 units of silicone
  • cable coil

Most of these parts can be bought from a tool vendor, located outside engineering and in tool storage, while silicone can be acquired from chemistry or scrapping old machine boards in an autolathe.

After the stash has been recovered, you are now ready to construct a base. Make sure the location where you construct it is easy to access for your team, yet hidden away from prying eyes. An excellent way to do this is to build in a department of one of your comrades, while they create guest passes to allow you and your friends to access it.

Base Setup

To overthrow the bend with a skilled hand ...

To build the base, use steel sheets to create at least two machine frames, and wire them with your cable coil. Use the Excelsior autolathe board on one of the machine frames (only make the teleporter if you really want to, save the other frame if you don't think you need it.) Then use 3 matter bins and a micro manipulator to construct the autolathe. Next, insert your materials and silicone, and create a Implant Reconstructor board. Place the board in the other machine frame, insert the console screen and print off two micro-manipulators from your new autolathe.


Unfurl the forge and strike boldly while the iron is hot!

With the Implant Reconstructor setup, you can now start creating new implants. Place any robotic limb, or implants such as a death alarm into the Reconstructor, and it will turn it into a compliance implant(complant). This implant will convert anyone who is not cruciformed to Excelsior. To convert someone you must implant it into the eyes, mouth or head. Confused on where to get limbs or implants for the reconstructor? Medical has a box of death alarms, you may print robotic limbs at exosuit fabricators, and "old container" machines in maintenance may be deconstructed with a crowbar for scrap implants.

"But how will I ever force my ideology on people that don't like it?", you may ask.

Well, first you must stun them for long enough to implant them. Popular options are include flashes from the Frozen Star vendor, or Tasers and stun weapons like the Martin, Spider Rose, or Counselor.Also consider using Stun batons or Stun prods which may be made by hand, and Rubber bullets will also work, preferably fired out of a automatic weapon. After downing someone, aim for the mouth(if you press Num8 3 times,mouth will be targeted in hotkey mode), and grab them until you get a message about covering their mouth. After you attempt to implant them, if you get a message about them rejecting the implant. This means they are cruciformed and you should promptly kill them, remove their cross and use it to make more implants. Rinse and repeat until the whole ship is converted, hopefully.

Excelsior Machines

The following is a summary of the machines available to the infiltrators and their uses.

Machine Description
Excel Turret.png
Excelsior Turret
An automated gun platform, chambered with .30 rifle, reloadable using .30 rifle boxes, printed from your means of production disc, these turrets will automatically fire at anyone without an excelsior implant, and will still fire even if you are in the way, so be careful! The turret requires a nearby Excelsior teleporter to function.Note that the turret will still work on on different z levels from the teleporter but the same distance limits apply(30 tiles)
Ex teleporter work.gif
Excelsior Teleporter
A teleporter for materials. Slowly charges with power, and that power may be spent on requesting materials for your base, like uranium and gold. Useful if you have access to RnD.
Ex shield gen work.gif
Excelsior Shield Walls
A shield wall that allows only people with Excelsior implants to pass through, while completely blocking anyone else. Also doubles as a tesla tower, toggleable via the "toggle stun mode" verb.
Ex generator work.gif
Excelsior Generator
Powered by welding fuel, this Pac-man like generator can create power for you as long as you have access to welding fuel, a fairly common resource. Useful if power goes down, or wires are cut.
Ex mine work.gif
Excelsior mine
An explosive that goes off if someone without an implant steps on it, or if picked up when unanchored, they can be placed and anchored like bear traps and disarmed with multitools.
Ex implantreconstractor work.gif
Excelsior Implant Reconstructor
Used to convert implants into Excelsior ones, also works on cruiforms (with or without souls tied to them) and mechanical limbs. Essential for Excelsior growth.
Ex autolat work.gif
Excelsior Autolathe
An autolathe with upgraded construction speed and matter storage.
Excelsior Autodoc
An autodoc, which allows you to treat various types of injuries to your comrades, as well as implants an implant if it is not placed in your new comrade. Does not work with NT members.
Boombox work.gif
Excelsior Boombox
An Boombox, supports comrades and weakens opponents. Comrades get a buff of 25 TGH and 15 VIG for 20 seconds, opponents get a debuff of 15 TGH for 20 seconds.

Command Ironhammer Crew Sided Moebius Sci Moebius Med Antagonist Technomancers Asters Guild NeoTheology Civilian
Captain Ironhammer
Ironhammer Marshal Moebius
Expedition Overseer
Biolab Officer
Contractor Technomancer
Gunnery Sergeant
Serbian Mercenary Technomancer Guild
Neotheology Acolyte Club
Excelsior Infiltrator Guild
Neotheology Agrolyte Club
Medical Specialist
Neotheology Inquisitor Neotheology Custodian Club Artist
Blitzshell Assault Drone
Cortical Borer

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