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Blitzshell Assault Drone
Blitzshell Assault Drone
Difficulty: Hard
Superior: Unknown
Duties: Obey your laws. Defend your Employers interests.
Guides: no separate guides
Quote: "01000011 01110010 01100001 01100010"

Blitzshell Assault Drone

Job Description Ingame

Obey these laws:

1. Defend our Interests.

2. Destroy our enemies. Those who would seek to destroy us and you.

3. Complete your objectives, as outlined through the Uplink Bounty Board.

Remember, you are not bound to any AI, you are not required to listen to them.

You are Blitzshell Infiltration Drone!

You have been sent to this station for the purpose of assisting our benefactors. Get in, complete all that you can that is available via the uplink, then get out.

The Blitzshell Assault Drone is an antagonist available to ghost players. You can roll this antagonist if you have it enabled in the Character Creation menu under the “Roles” tab, and are an observer(ghost). Blitzshell is a small, mobile drone sent to the Eris by parties unknown to infiltrate, sabotage, and generally wreak havoc aboard while completing objectives pertaining to their interests. The drone itself, is presumed to be of Oberth design; but one cannot be sure as they will self destruct upon shutdown, leaving no trace as to their origin.


Blitzshells are extremely mobile and versatile antagonists, possessing the unique ability to ventcrawl much like mice and cortical borers. To use your vent crawl ability, simply alt+click on any vent or scrubber in a one tile radius around yourself. Alternatively, use the “Crawl into vent” verb on the sidebar, under the abilities tab. You can navigate upwards or downwards in special junctions inside the piping network to get to different z-levels; simply use the “Move Upwards” or “Move Downwards” verb when located at one of these junctions.

Blitzshell can also hide itself underneath tables and similiar objects that other mobs would have to climb onto. To utilize this, simply toggle the "Hide" verb in the "Ability" tab on the right sidebar. Next time you go onto a table, you will be hidden underneath.

Since it is a drone, it uses an internal power cell that must be recharged every so often. You can keep track of your current charge in the “Status” tab of the sidebar. You can recharge in any cyborg charger, usually found in bathrooms, the mechbay, and engineering. Its main purpose is to upgrade itself to complete as many contracts as possible, and create conflict and wreak havoc aboard the vessel.


The drone starts out equipped with a pretty robust list of tool to complete its contracts and effectively antagonize the crew:

  • Droneuplink.pngDrone Bounty Uplink

See Contract Objectives

This is your main tool for upgrading yourself and receiving contracts. Activate it and click on the Contracts button to see what is available to be completed for telecrystals. Use the devices and items tab to order necessary equipment like spying sensors and mindfryers required by certain contracts. You can also purchase new weaponry, speed upgrade, or armour upgrades for yourself and extra nanorepair charges.

  • Plasmaturret.pngSDF PR "Sprengen”

This is the drones main offensive weapon. A robust plasma rifle which feeds off the Blitzshells internal energy cell, it packs 3 different firing modes: burn, melt and INCINERATE. The burn mode will fire off a light plasma bolt that doesn’t penetrate armor but is more efficient against unarmored targets. The melt mode provides medium armor penetration and INCINERATE is for heavily armored targets and structural damage.

  • Bootknife.pngA Tactical Knife

Simple, durable, plasteel knife that doubles as a screwdriver. Powerful melee weapon if used correctly.

  • Bsdm.pngA Bluespace Direct Mail device

A briefcase to send off contracts, put stuff into this with the gripper, activate it and hit send. Make sure you are near a space tile, standing by a window to the outside will work.

  • Gripper.pngAn Objective Gripper

For gripping objective and contract items and sending them off. Special use of this is to harvest a human head for the assassination contract, simply target a deceased human and use the gripper on them to begin the process.

  • Syringe.pngA Reusable Syringe

For extracting blood for the Blood Samples contract.

  • Agentcard.pngAn Agent ID card

This is your main tool for acquiring access. Simply swipe it over any other ID to copy its access levels.

  • Nanorepairsystem.pngNanorepair System

You can use this to repair yourself back to full health. Beware as it only has 3 charges and you must purchase more via your uplink.


Along with the starting equipment, the Blitzshell has modular upgrade capabilities allowing it to trade the telecrystals it receives to increase its arsenal and survivability. Upgrades the Blitzshell can unlock include:

  • Smokescreen.pngA Smokescreen system

Use this to create a billowing cloud of smoke around yourself for 1 charge. Just enough time to escape into a vent. Buy more charges from the uplink.

  • Blitzshell Cell Upgrade

This will increase your cell capacity from 10000 to 15000.

  • Blitzshell Weapons Upgrade

This will give you access to a new weapon, the SDF LR "Strahl". This thing is a robust laser rifle that auto charges from your internal cell. It has two firing modes, regular lethal lasers and a charge mode. To use the charge mode, simply switch to it and hold down your left mouse button before firing. You should see a glowing red aura appear around you and become more intense as you charge it. This will do quite a bit more damage than the regular laser shot.

  • Blitzshell Armour Chassis upgrade

This will give you more hitpoints so you can tank more damage before dying.

  • Blitzshell Speed Upgrade

This will make you zoom around a lot faster than regular. Perfect for dodging gunfire.

  • Blitzshell.pngBlitzshell Swarm Request

This will spawn a second Blitzshell at your location and request a ghost player to enter it as reinforcements. Most effective if you know there are ghosts(or you have created some yourself).

  • Shrapnelgun.pngBlitzshell Electro Shrapnel Cannon

This will give you access to another offensive weapon, the SDF SC "Schrapnell”. This is an energy shotgun that auto recharges from your internal cell. It has 3 firing modes: pellet, stun, and blast. These are the same as regular shotgun ammunition: Shells,Beanbags, and Slugs respectively. The pellets will knock people back and cause shrapnel to unarmoured targets, the beanbags will cause someone to keel over from pain, and the slugs have better armour penetration than shells. It recharges fairly quickly and lets you knock people away from yourself. Quite an effective weapon.

Reading Material

As the Blitzshell shares a contract list with the other antagonists such as traitors and changelings, it is recommended to read the Traitor page. Included is a description of the contracts and how the various contract items are used.

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