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Difficulty: Hard
Superior: None
Duties: Convert the crew, consume organs and create nests
Guides: No separate guides
Quote: "Consume the flesh"


So, you were a normal human just a couple seconds ago, and now you find yourself with a spider core in your chest, and crimes waiting to happen, what to do? First off you should open the evolution menu and get a few starting powers, if you have an uplink you have enough TC for a refreshing gene drink for a few extra points. Due to your biology you are friendly with other spiders, which could be a blessing, but also a way to identify you.


The spider core is your true body, that hides inside of the upper body. Upon being surgically removed, the body being gibed, the bodies head being chopped off, or manually detaching from the body, the core will be able to escape and reform. When the core is without a host, it has enormous speed, the ability to go crawl and reform a body. While the core is very vulnerable it's goal is to find a safe spot to generate a body. When a new body is generated you will lose half of your abilities and gene points, but you will still be able to use any of the spiders you already made beforehand.

Image Name Description Cost (Genes)
Carrion Maw lets you feast of organs, limbs and flesh to generate gene points, this is the only way to generate points without an uplink. The maw also gives you the ability to make a toxic puddle that does damage to every non spider around it, and the spider call that's has a 5 minute cooldown and lets you summon spiders from nearby burrows in a pinch. Free
Carrion Spinneret lets you filter your blood from any chemicals, but leaves those chemicals on the floor you are on while healing toxin and radiation damage, and the ability to make a spider that slowly spawns full grown spider, up to a cap. 7
Carrion Chemical Vessel Generates the chemicals you need to create specialised spiders and use your abilities. Free

Spiders and their abilities

Your main tools are the spiders themselves, they come in 9 different forms that have different abilities, but they share a lot in common: Every spider can be implanted into someone by clicking them with it, but that will also cause an intentional action, be it hugging someone, or punching them. The other way is to implant someone is by clicking on the spider and toggling the spider to attach to anything nearby and placing it on the ground, or a table. If you want the spider to be well hidden you can right click on it and press the "Hide" button so the spider will go under every item or table on the tile. Spiders can be stacked on a single person or mob and combined in any way, for example, you can use an observer spider to look for the right moment to activate an explosive spider.

Image Name Description Cost (Chemicals) Cost (Genes)
Observer Spider Lets you see though the spider, acting as a camera. If the spider is implanted in someone, you will follow the host. Can also be used to complete recon contracts. 10 3
Breeding Spider When activated in a dead human body, after one minute, it gibs the body and spawn 9-12 spiders and spiderlings. (a body can only hold a single breeding spider) 30 4
Control Spider Allows you to take control of someone's body for a randomized time between 50 and 60 seconds. Doesn't work on robots. Has a five minute cooldown per target after use and you take double damage that the target takes while it's being controlled. 40 10
Explosive Spider Makes a small damaging explosion with a one tile radius around it, a few of them are enough to kill someone. There is also a 2 second detonation delay. 40 10
Flashbang Spider Explodes like a flashbang grenade, affecting even you, and dealing a little burn damage to its host (if any) 15 5
Mindboiling Spider Lowers the sanity of everyone around the spider (Or it's host). Used to complete derail contracts or to bully people. If not visible to the human when they get a breakdown they will get a message in the chat for every invisible spider that broke them ("SOMETHING IS WATCHING YOU"). 30 5
Toxic Spider Explodes into a poisonous lexorin gas that can penetrate skin, slowly dealing organ and Oxy damage over a long period of time. Doesn't work on people with voidsuits. 35 5
Identity Spider Used to extract the identity from humans, giving you the ability to transform into them. Can be also used on your old body, if you ever decide to leave it. 25 3
Infection Spider Transforms the human into another carrion without an uplink over 5 minutes. While this process is active it weakens the host and there is a chance that a hosts limb can explode. 50 and 7 Genes 0


There are a few ways to detect a carrion, the first, most obvious one, is its affiliation and friendliness with spiders. Just putting it next to a spider and seeing how it would react is a simple way to find a carrion. There are other ways, as well. Due to their unique biology carrions can be found out with a big medical scanner as their organs are easily visible. If the scanner is unavailable the medbay chemists could produce paragenetic marker to recognize you. The NT church has a few ways to recognize you as well. They can use a prayer that can catch on to any carrion organs in the body and expose you. A conversion to NT will destroy your body and leave you vulnerable.

Command Ironhammer Crew Sided Moebius Sci Moebius Med Antagonist Technomancers Asters Guild NeoTheology Civilian
Captain Ironhammer
Ironhammer Marshal Moebius
Expedition Overseer
Biolab Officer
Contractor Technomancer
Gunnery Sergeant
Serbian Mercenary Technomancer Guild
Neotheology Acolyte Club
Excelsior Infiltrator Guild
Neotheology Agrolyte Club
Medical Specialist
Neotheology Inquisitor Artist Neotheology Custodian
Blitzshell Assault Drone
Cortical Borer

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