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Serbian Mercenary
Serbian Mercenary
Difficulty: Hard
Superior: Serbian Mercenary Commander
Duties: Complete your objectives by any means necessary.
Guides: no separate guides
Quote: "Alive? Do we have to?"

Serbian arms.pngSerbian MercenarySerbian arms.png

Job Description Ingame

"You are Serbian Mercenary!"
You are a member of the Serbians.
You are a serbian mercenary, part of a team of professional soldiers. You are currently aboard your base preparing for a mission targeting the CEV Eris."

In your base you will find your armoury full of weapon crates and the EVA capable SCAF armour. It is advised that you take a pistol, a rifle, a knife and a SCAF suit for basic equipment. Once you have your basic gear, you may also wish to take along a specialist weapon, like the RPG-7 or the Pulemyot Kalashnikova. Each of the specialist weapons is powerful but very bulky, you will need to wear it over your back.

Discuss your specialties with your team, choose a broad range of weapons that will allow your group to overcome a variety of obstacles. Search the base and load up everything onto your ship which may be useful, you will not be able to easily return here once you depart. When ready, use the console on your shuttle bridge to depart for Eris. Travelling will take several minutes, and you will be detected before you even arrive, stealth is not an option. Once you arrive, you have a time limit to complete your mission."
-In game flavour text.

"Your Serbians faction current objectives:
Objective 1: Assassinate Guillermo Dryfus, the First Officer.
Objective 2: Make an example of Rodney Ironmonger, the Captain. Break one of their bones, detach one of their limbs or disfigure their face. Make sure they're alive when you do it.
Objective 3: Steal a captain's jumpsuit.
Objective 4: Steal a jetpack.
Objective 5: Steal a Moebius expedition overseer's jumpsuit.
Objective 6: Steal an ablative armor vest.
Objective 7: Return to your ship and withdraw to base within 19:30:00."
-Example of Objectives

The Serbian Mercenary is an antagonist role that is picked from the ghost pool. You can roll this antagonist if you have it enabled in the Roles section of the Character Creation menu, and are currently a ghost(observer). If you are lucky, a message will pop up asking if you want to play as a Serbian Mercenary, and you will respawn in the Serbian Outpost with new objectives.

The Mercenaries are a mysterious organized group of space pirates, preying on larger vessels with their attack shuttle and large stockades of surplus weaponry. They are professionals tasked with matters of theft, assassination, hostage extraction and general pillaging. Not prone to subtlety, the ruthless Mercs are known throughout the universe for their ability to breach, board, and leave fully staffed flagships derelict with the personnel and civilians massacred.


See Uplink page

You will spawn in the Serbian Outpost in complete safety. Note the main areas: the kitchen and armory to the right, and the shuttle to the left. You will also receive a set of objectives to complete aboard the CEV Eris, and a time limit of 1 and a half hours to complete them and return back to the Outpost. The kitchen to your right contains a fridge with some food items and liquor. Feel free to look around and grab some food if you need it.

The Shuttle to the left contains a food vendor, a medbay, an autolathe, a locker room with MOLLE packs and pouches and various storage gear, and most importantly, the Uplink.

The armory is split into two parts. The southern part of the armory will contain the iconic SCAF suits of the Serbian Mercs, so feel free to grab one and marvel at its fantastic armor values before you pull it on. Highly recommended is a Jetpack from the central room, as you will be using EVA as your main method of infiltration and breaching. This will allow you to go up and down Z-Levels for easy traversal on the exterior of the ship.
The northern part of the armory contains the loadout kits and main weapon stockpile for the squad.


Available Loadouts and Items

  • Rifleman Crate: Frozen Star Assault Rifle "Kalashnikov" and long .30 magazines
  • Grenadier Crate: Various grenades including smoke, EMP, frag, and high explosive. Comes with a Frozen Star Grenade Launcher "Lenar".
  • Marksman Crate: Assembled Serbian Arms Anti Material Rifle "Hristov" and 10 .60 anti material rounds for distant assassinations.
  • Specialist Sidearm Crate: Serbian Arms Sub-machine Gun "Zoric" and .40 Magnum SMG magazines.
  • Infantry Support Crate: Pulemyot Kalashnikova Light Machine Gun and boxes of ammo for it.
  • Breaching Crate: Excelsior Hatton breaching tool and 5 reload tubes for it, a tubular pouch to hold them in(or more rockets), a diamond mining drill, and C4 blast charges.
  • Sidearm Crate: Excelsior .35 Auto "Makarov" pistols with standard magazines, and boot knives.
  • Demolitions Crate: RPG-7 and 12 rockets. Comes with 1 tubular pouch to hold rockets.
  • Combat Surgery Kit: Kit for doing field surgery on an ally, or yourself if you are desperate.
  • Combat Medical Kit: Various drugs to help you cope with grievious injuries. Includes Bicardine, Dermaline, Dexalin Plus, Tramadol, Dylovene, Spaceacillin, and a medical splint.

Various other things can be found in the central room of the armory including:

  • Tool Storage Box: Assortment of random tools. This can contain advanced tools like Hypersaws, so make sure to check them.
  • Tool Modification Box: Assortment of random tool mods. Some can be attached to your weapons like the red laser sight.
  • Uniform Modification Kit: Random assortment of pouches and holsters.
  • Flashbangs and Handcuffs.
  • Jetpacks and Oxygen tanks, and canisters to refill them.
  • A suit storage unit with a blood-red voidsuit. There is two more on the shuttle as well,and they are perfect if you want to do a throwback Syndicate nukies round. Beware that the blood-red suits protection stats don't really stack up to the SCAF suit but it has a slightly smaller movement speed delay. Could potentially be used for infiltration as it is more commonly found and stands out far less than the iconic SCAF suit.

Feel free to grab what you want to use, and keep in mind you might face heavy opposition when you enter the vicinity of the Eris so use what you are most comfortable with. The second part of your loadout will come from the Uplink inside the shuttle. The Serbian Mercenaries have been saving up for this mission so you start with 100 telecrystals in total for your squad. Refer to the Uplink page for the details on the kinds of items that will be available to you and spend the crystals wisely based on the strategy that you have come up with.

Recommended Uplink Items

I will point out some items which are especially useful to the Mercenaries below:

  • Encryption Key

A special channel encryption key that goes into your headset. This will let you listen into every channel, and communicate on a special mercenary channel. Highly recommended if deploying as a team thats planning to split up for coordination and teamwork.

  • Thermal Lenses
Recommended tactic is to order the chameleon outfit kit and apply these onto the goggles. Grants vision of mobs behind walls and pretty effective darkvision without the need for a cell. Alternative is just buying thermal goggles and small cells.
  • No Slip Sole
For running on Underplating inside the Eris maints. You can use these to outmaneuver any pursuers and gives the ability to be more agile in a lot of places.
  • Cryptographic Sequencer
Immediate opening of a limited amount of airlocks, and a wide variety of uses from creating borg allies to disabling safety features on an industrial meatgrinder. Recommended for any antagonist just for the amount of access it grants.
  • E-Sword
Classic Merc melee weapon with high damage and parrying capabilities. Alternative to this would be a TM Hypersaw found inside one of the tool crates, preferably with extra damage mods. Downsides to the saw is that it can embed and cannot parry, whereas the E-sword does not embed at all.
  • Neural Imprinter
For boosting your combat stats. Using a lot of these can make you superhuman, really fast. Stats like toughness will allow you to ignore more pain before keeling over, and a high robustness will let you manhandle people and resist out of any attempts at restraint. Beware this adversely affects your sanity, so make sure you ingest some drugs or vodka before heading out if you use more than one.
  • Shield Diffuser
For getting around regular shields.
  • EMP
For getting around overcharged buffed up shields. Get many as it might take more than one. If this doesnt work, brute force might be your only option, the shields charge depletes everytime it takes a hit. And buffing the shield up all the way to repel invaders takes a lot of power as it is.
  • Chameleon Projector
Really useful for escaping pursuers or setting ambushes. Make sure to pack extra small size cells.
  • High Velocity Ammunition
Makes any gun instantly more effective, and almost guaranteed the crew wont have access to these.
  • Surplus Crate
150 Telecrystals worth of items, for only a 100TC. For fun.

The Mission

When everyone is suited up and ready to head out, the Commander must use the shuttle controls at the front to pilot it to the Eris. You will have a variety of choices of Landing Zones so make sure you choose wisely based on the plan you have.

When you activate the shuttle, a message will be broadcast to the Eris informing them of an intercepting vessel. After this, the flight time is roughly 10 minutes to the ship in which the crew is most likely to prepare as best they can to repel an assault. Once you arrive, expect to face heavy opposition. The Ironhammer security force might even come out to meet you if they feel bold enough. Expect combat immediately.

Make your way to the ship and prepare to deal with the shield. Most crews wont bother with turning on the overcharge options and human life blockers; in this case feel free to breach directly with a Hatton, drill, tools, or a C4 charge. If the shield is glowing red, beware as this can mean its harmful to any organic life and will hurt you when touched. In this case, use EMPs and breach quickly before the shields recover or use a shield diffuser(beware as those can also be negated by a shield setting).

Once aboard the Eris, feel free to complete your objectives in any way you choose. Sometimes the loudest option is the easiest, but a bigger crew with more Ironhammer personnel can put up a stiff fight; if you are alone, you can be outnumbered very easily. Feel free to pick a more subtle approach but don't feel like you have to hold back;the Serbian Mercs don't care for any human life and will massacre an entire ship full of people to get what they need. How well you do inside the Eris will most likely be based on skill and previous experience. This game mode is very similar to the Nukies mode in classic SS13.

If you are a robust player, you will have an easier time doing what you need to do. Knowledge of the map itself, interior and exterior, will help immensely to complete your objectives. If you aren't alone, make sure you communicate with each other for maximum tactical efficiency. Get your objectives done, and get back to the shuttle with the secured items and hostages. Assuming that you haven't been brutally murdered by anxious and bloodthirsty crew members at this point, activate the shuttle home and bask in your success!

Command Ironhammer Crew Sided Moebius Sci Moebius Med Antagonist Technomancers Asters Guild NeoTheology Civilian
Captain Ironhammer
Ironhammer Marshal Moebius
Expedition Overseer
Biolab Officer
Contractor Technomancer
Gunnery Sergeant
Serbian Mercenary Technomancer Guild
Neotheology Acolyte Club
Excelsior Infiltrator Guild
Neotheology Agrolyte Club
Medical Specialist
Neotheology Inquisitor Neotheology Custodian Club Artist
Blitzshell Assault Drone
Cortical Borer

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