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Moebius.png Moebius Laboratories

One of the first factions who allocated funds to the ship and her endeavors. They conduct expeditions into abandoned monoliths, supply the crew with innovative, experimental gadgets for profit, as well as running the Medbay aboard the CEV Eris.


Job Role Difficulty Wage Guides
Moebius Biolab Officer
Desperately try to prevent medbay from descending into chaos. Direct the medical staff onboard. Hard 1200 The Agreement, Guide to Medicine, Guide to Chemistry, Guide to Surgery
Moebius Doctor
Treat the hordes of wounded and dying patients. Hard 900 Guide to Medicine, Guide to Chemistry, Guide to Surgery
Moebius Chemist
Produce chemical mixtures, primarily for medicine. Medium 900 Guide to Medicine, Guide to Chemistry
Moebius Paramedic
Triage and transport patients to and within medbay to ensure all who need treatment make it. Medium 750 Guide to Medicine
Moebius Bio-Engineer
Provide biological and genetic modifications to paying customers Medium 900 Guide to Genetics,Guide to Aberrant Organs
Moebius Psychiatrist
Helps you out with talking about your problems. Medium 900 Guide to Medicine


Job Role Difficulty Wage Guides
Expedition overseer.png
Moebius Expedition Overseer
Direct and manage your team of scientists onboard the Eris. Expand human knowledge. Hard 1200 The Agreement, Guide to the Research Labs, Robotics Guide
Moebius scientist.png
Moebius Scientist
Conduct cutting edge research and development. Medium 900 Guide to the Research Labs
Moebius roboticist.png
Moebius Roboticist
Construct and maintain the myriad of Cyborgs and Mechs onboard. Medium 900 Robotics Guide