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Difficulty: Medium to hard
Superior: None
Duties: Complete your contracts and act as the hostile force on the Eris
Guides: No separate guides
Quote: "I'm only in it for the TC and cash"


"You Are a Contractor!"

"Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Dogs of War!"

-In Game text

Congratulations, you have been selected to complete contracts! You have rolled this role because you picked the Contractor Role Preference in your character selection. All Ironhammer Security and all Department Heads are barred from getting this role.

The Contractor is somebody hired by outside forces to sabotage the expedition in some way. With this role, you will also receive access to an Uplink(customizable in character creation) and a password will be placed into your IC verb “Notes”. To access a PDA uplink, just use the TaxQuickly app and input your password as the Tax ID. Note that while using the TaxQuickly App, your PDA will glow a bright red indicating to any knowing parties that you might be ordering contraband. Use your uplink in a discrete place, away from prying eyes.

You will also receive some codewords that you can memorize and use to identify other Contractors added to the Notes verb, as there is no way to directly communicate between them.


See Uplink page

In the Uplink you will find that you have a certain amount of TeleCrystals(TCs) that you can use as currency to obtain valuable items and services. When you click on an item with enough TC in your uplink, it will instantly be teleported to you or in case of a service(such as a rad alarm) it will be activated upon purchase. If your hands are full it will appear on the ground. Some of the things you can get are:

  • Firearms
  • Grenades
  • Medicine
  • Ammunition
  • Explosives
  • Specialty stealth kill items


Your goal on the ship is to complete Contracts, which you access through the “Contracts” tab in your Uplink. This lets you take on outstanding bounties for more TCs, updated in a timely fashion every 15 minutes.

Contract Devices

All contracts require you to use some form of special equipment in order to complete or confirm completion of the contract, here is a list of such items:

  • Bsdm.pngBSDM:

Otherwise known as the Blue-Space-Direct-Mail device, this gadget will be used to confirm Assassinate and Steal objectives. Stolen objects (in the case of an assassination this would be the head or cruciform of the target) must be placed within the BSDM, the BSDM must be brought within vision of a space tile; external windows such as those that may line hallways are applicable. Once in view of a space tile activate the BSDM in hand by clicking on it in the active hand or by pressing the 'Z' key with hotkey mode turned on, the BSDM will open a window and will confirm any contracts that will be completed with the items within, click the launch button and the BSDM will vanish completing the listed contracts.

  • Frier.pngMind Frier:

This device is particularly finicky to use due to its item size changing when activated; it is exclusively used for sanity break contracts, to activate the mind frier simply place it on the ground and right click it, you will see an option to 'activate', click this option and the frier will unfold indicating it is now activated. When a human entity is present in the same 'area' as the mind frier it will begin to slowly chip away at their sanity, if the person has a mental break as a result of the mind friers direct effect it will count towards the contract.

  • Spy sensor.pngSpy Sensor Kit:

The spy sensor kit comes with 4 spy sensors used to exclusively complete 'recon' contracts, despite the kit coming with 4 sensors every recon contract only requires the use of 3 sensors meaning until you buy a 3rd kit you will always have a leftover sensor that you will have to hide or dispose of. In order to use the spy sensors you must place them on a tile on the ground, a sensor cannot be adjacent to another sensor, in a bag, in a locker or on a person and must remain within the designated 'area' as described in the contract, objects and closed lockers can however be placed on top of the spy sensors to hide them. Once all the aforementioned requirements are met you may individually right click each sensors and click the 'activate' option, currently there is no indication to confirm they are activated. Once the sensors have been in the required area for the allotted time(usually 10 minutes) they will delete themselves and explode into a violent Electro-Magnetic-Pulse, this WILL completely fuck your PDA along with your Contracor uplink if you are caught in the area when it triggers; making it impossible to access the contract board for the rest of the round.

  • Implanter.pngSpy Implant:

Where all the other aforementioned items are accessed from the 'devices and instruments' section in the uplink; the Spy Implant is located in the 'implants' section. It is a singular loaded implant that comes in a box. Exclusively used for the 'spy' contract, this implant is blatantly obvious as it is labelled with an (S) indicating it is a spying implant. To use this implant simply inject it into the spying target and wait 60 in-game seconds for the contract to complete. It is recommended you dispose of the implanter when done and refrain from removing the implant itself from the implanter, as it cannot be inserted back inside once taken out. The Spy Implant can be stopped by certain articles of clothing, you can however use the health doll in the bottom right of the screen to aim for exposed limbs when implanting.

Contract Objectives

Name Description Reward
Assassinate You are required to remove the head(or cruciform) of a kill target and launch it via BSDM, the target is identified in the contract and may range from a lowly Vagabond to the Captain of the vessel. This contract may also target Marshalls, Excelsiors, Inquisitors, other Contractors, and unfortunately, Carrions. It is important to note that it is possible to completely destroy a targets head as a result of aiming for the head during combat and by attempting to remove it with the wrong weapon or tool. It is recommended you utilize a circular saw or purchase the surgery kit available in the 'medical' section of the up-link if you are pursuing this objective for the first time. 12 TC
Steal You are required to steal an object onboard the ship and launch it via BSDM, this object may range from a heads jumpsuit to the captains very own antique laser-gun. Steal contracts can be incredibly easy or outrageously difficult depending on the desired object. Unless the object is on someones person you may be able to complete this contract quickly and without incident; remember that not using gloves leaves prints and most clothing articles, notably gloves and jumpsuits, will leave fibers which can trace the crime not just back to you but your entire job class. Consider using different clothing than that of your original job type; the Chameleon kit located in the 'stealthy and inconspicuous' section of the uplink can mimic a variety of clothing, which can throw Ironhammer Inspectors off your trail. 10 TC
Recon You are required to perform reconnaissance on a central area(outside of maintenance). To accomplish this you need to place 3 spying sensors(found in the spying kit) in the room, successfully activate them, and let them work in tandem for 10 minutes. As explained in the Spy Sensor Kit section these sensors follow very specific requirements in order to count for the contract, ensure that each sensor is not adjacent to another, is not within a locker, bag or on a person. If one sensor is removed from the 'area' then the process must be started all over again. 12 TC
Derail You are required to break the minds(cause a crew-member to suffer a mental breakdown)of 3-5 individuals using your mind fryer(ordered from uplink). To use the Mind Fryer, put it where you want it and right click on it and press Activate. Now it will start draining sanity from others and causing breakdowns when people approach it or spend time in its vicinity. A breakdown occurs when the targets are afflicted with a Negative effect due to Sanity dropping rapidly. When this number is reached, mind fryer will report your success and you will get your reward. 14 TC
Dump it Extract a large sum of money from the Eris economy, and exchange it for TC by sending the money in the BSDM. Put the correct amount into the BSDM, you can split money in your hand by using it in the active hand and inputting the desired amount into the popup window. You will need about 15-20K for this contract. This may be an incredibly difficult contract depending on your job type aboard the ship, even so you may have to engage in the activity of selling objects, stealing or both. There is a variety of legitimate ways to make money aboard the CEV Eris; the most reliable methods explained in the Guide to Profits. 8 TC
Implant You are required to implant a target with a spying implant(ordered from your uplink) You must use the implanter on the target and they must have it inside of the for 1 minute total. If the target has a cruciform, the cruciform will ignore the implant until that time. Be aware that performing this while you are being observed and without a disguise will most definitely result in you being outed as either an Excelsior or Corporate Spy, both of which fall under a red paragraph crime that is punishable by death or permanent imprisonment. You can hide your identity by wearing a face-covering mask such as a balaclava and by removing your PDA/ID from your ID slot, it is advisable you wear clothing that differs from your job class so that Ironhammer cannot distinguish your original job role. 14 TC
Steal Blood Samples You are required to collect 3-6 blood samples of individual crew members and send them via BSDM, each sample must be contained in a separate syringe from the other. Syringes themselves are tiny items and can easily be stuffed in boxes, satchels or bags. If you are not of a medical role it may be incredibly difficult to convince people to willingly offer up their blood to you. It however may be viable to quickly (while disguised) run past individuals and click on them with a syringe to draw a sample without consent; this is because blood drawing does not require time to perform and is instant. Syringes can also be stored in the ear and pocket slots making them easy to access. 10 TC
Steal Research You are required to steal a research disk contain one of many described pieces of data and send it via BSDM. While R&D may be the first obvious target for research data disks, they can also appear in trash piles and found about maintenance. You are given a wide variety of tech to try to steal and the contract only requires a disk containing 1 of the techs. A relatively easy and benign contract compared to other contracts. 6 TC
Steal The Secret Documents You are required to steal a set of secret documents and send them via BSDM. This is an incredibly difficult contract, only three documents will spawn on the entire ship and the Moebius Expedition Overseer is the only guaranteed spawn with one spawning on him(documents may also randomly spawn on vagabonds and other crew even if they late-join but only if the maximum limit of 3 hasn't been met). These documents are treated as an oddity that gives 8 Mechanics, 8 Cognition and 8 Biology; making them highly sought after even by non-antags. The random spawning nature of them however can mean that even a vagabond can spawn with one on him or they could spawn on the Ironhammer LT; alternatively they can be placed in incredibly hard to reach places in maint. Do not pursue this contract unless you are very familiar with the maintenance layout of the ship and possess adequate knowledge on the game, its roles and its mechanics. 12 TC

Command Ironhammer Crew Sided Moebius Sci Moebius Med Antagonist Technomancers Asters Guild NeoTheology Civilian
Captain Ironhammer
Ironhammer Marshal Moebius
Expedition Overseer
Biolab Officer
Contractor Technomancer
Gunnery Sergeant
Serbian Mercenary Technomancer Guild
Neotheology Acolyte Club
Excelsior Infiltrator Guild
Neotheology Agrolyte Club
Medical Specialist
Neotheology Inquisitor Neotheology Custodian Club Artist
Blitzshell Assault Drone
Cortical Borer

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