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Difficulty: Hard
Superior: None
Duties: Survive.
Guides: Guide To Roach Ranching
Quote: Hey, those are MY work gloves!


"You are a vagabond, a stowaway, journeying through the vast expanses of space upon the CEV "Eris." You will not be paid a wage. Though this does not mean you have no home, as the Eris is your home. Whatever planet you may have come from is now a distant memory.

You remember boarding the Eris sometime in your past, when it had a different purpose and a different captain. Over time you've become accustomed to the dangers of this ship.

The ID you wear likely not even your own. At least as far as you can remember. But this chunk of plastic still can be a rare oddity that can change your character. As a vagabond, you should strive to help out anyone you can. Or at least, anyone who offers you a paying job. Find a way to make money, stay out of trouble, and survive."

-In game description


Vagabonds are the leftover crew of past regimes on the Eris. They are drifters, not assigned any job by the current administration. Surviving on the ship however they can: taking jobs and bounties, scouring the maintenance tunnels or proving themselves to the factions aboard. Anything to make a living.


Starting Out

This is a great role for beginners, as well as returning veterans; Vagabond will never fail to provide an entertaining round.

When you join the round, you will spawn with very little. There are some options in your initial loadout in the character customization menu for some extra things. Recommended for this role is the crowbar. It is an invaluable tool and makes a good weapon in an emergency.

Important things to note: augmentations and cruciforms. They are incompatible with one another. Make sure you do not have both equipped on your character at round start. A cruciform means your character is a part of the Neotheology religion, and can be revived if killed during the round. Without a cruciform, death is final unless somebody makes you into a cyborg. You can respawn after 30 minutes(10 minutes if your body is put in the morgue) with a different character.

You will start with full Service Maintenance access in the ship. This is an invaluable resource.

  • Maintenance hunting - Maintenance is huge, and the amounts of things you can find in there are endless. You could find combat RIGs, medical supplies, military lockers, gun refuse piles, mechs, etcetera.. If you want to do this, do it quickly as a lot of other people will also realize this and scavenge maintenance as quickly as they can. You could ask the First Officer for some extra access to, by proxy, gain access to more maintenance shafts.

  • Assisting people - Vagabonds aren't really crew members, but rather independent individuals. Your only goal is to make money or find your purpose on the ship, ranging from an egoistical fortune to altruistic deeds. These include but are not limited to:
    • Being a deputy for the Ironhammer Commander, helping notify Ironhammer of crime.
    • Being the Club Manager's assistant, helping the chef gather more "exotic" ingredients and whatnot.
    • Being a courier/messenger/diplomat between the various factions.

  • Roleplay - The Vagabonds on CEV Eris are rich with unique facets and can be whatever you want them to be and other players allow and help them to become. Given the CEV Eris is a roleplay environment, think about a background for your character, their motivations, drive and ethics. Why are they on the ship on the first place? Are you a greedy capitalist trying out your newest sales pitch? A selfless moralist ready to help the people on the ship? An egoistical junk-diver just waiting for his next haul? The choice is yours, and vagabonds are arguably the best choice to try old and new things alike.


  • As a contractor, you are usually the most overlooked person. You also have 0 extra access and authority to spare, so be wary of that.

  • The Vagabond is great for new players, powergamers old players, returning players or if you simply wanna try out something new and fun.

  • Because of Discordia's lax rules on self-antagging, you can go along with the plot of an antag if they bribe or threaten you accordingly.

  • Nobody typically takes to clearing out spiders or roaches, so you can get a quick ID name change to something akin to "Roach Killer", "Xeno Dominator", etc, and purge the CEV Eris of those insect scum.

Command Ironhammer Crew Sided Moebius Sci Moebius Med Antagonist Technomancers Asters Guild NeoTheology Civilian
Captain Ironhammer
Ironhammer Marshal Moebius
Expedition Overseer
Biolab Officer
Contractor Technomancer
Gunnery Sergeant
Serbian Mercenary Technomancer Guild
Neotheology Acolyte Club
Excelsior Infiltrator Guild
Neotheology Agrolyte Club
Medical Specialist
Neotheology Inquisitor Neotheology Custodian Club Artist
Blitzshell Assault Drone
Cortical Borer

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