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Guild Artist
Guild Artist
Difficulty: Easy
Superior: Guild Merchant
Duties: Create works of art using your insight. Launder insane amounts of money
Guides: No separate guides
Quote: "Do me a favor and stick your fingers in my mouth. It's part of the process."

You are a creative soul aboard this vessel. You have been conscripted by the Aster's Guild to create masterful works of art to be sold at Asters Guild... and something about the CEV Eris and it's doomed journey sparks the fire of creation within you. Sell your artwork to the unwashed masses, or give your work to the merchant to sell for a profit.


Your trade doesn't involve slaving away for the Merchant in the traditional sense. You are, unlike the Technician or Miner, brimming with an unbridled talent for craftsmanship. Do what your employment contract somehow gets away with paying you pennies for and make works of art using your insight.

How do you accomplish this? Simple. Copious amounts of blood, gore, grime, dirt and drugs. Be in the middle of the action when it starts and you'll feel your inspirational juices flow. After you are ready, design and realize your visionary project at your workstation to produce an assortment of nifty stuff. Take it to sell at the store, the beacon or even show off a rocket-pistol or two around the ship. Putting it simply:

  • Sell your work, or give it to the merchant to sell for you.
  • Be in the midst of action or combat to level your insight faster.


As an Artist, you have a dedicated room in the guild: The Guild Artist Office. It is here, you will be making the average person's wildest dreams into reality. Unlike regular inhabitants of the ship, you do not feel the petty desires of wanting to eat, drink, smoke or do drugs. When you have gained enough insight, the only thing you desire is to make art and until you do, you will remain stagnant at 100 insight points. This is when you construct anything in the ballpark of guns, armor parts, statues and more but also how you marginally increase your stats.

Your work is a trade-off. You gain insight at a rate 50% faster compared to others. What's the catch? You cannot gain perks or use oddities yourself. Maximizing your insight is key to becoming an art goods factory and making new wonders by the moment. To meet this goal, smoking, drinking and doing drugs help immensely and each will fuel your maniac obsession with creating all and anything so make sure to stock up. Getting hurt or living in a mess might also provide you with that edge but you will need to manage this carefully or risk breaking down.

Artist's Bench

The way you make your next masterpiece is using your special bench. It's where all the materials need to be gathered so when the time comes, you can work away without any interruptions. To do this, and get it ready to be used, it needs to contain at least 20 of each of the following:

  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Steel
  • Wood
  • Plasteel

It is recommended to keep the stock around 30-40 sheets of each so you can use the bench for a period without having to restock but also are ensuring you're not being a drain on Guild resources early into the shift when materials are all-around limited.


The specifics of what you could be making will be a range of things but they can be categorized into the following:

  • Guns: Revolvers and pistols of every variety taking anything from regular .35 to Shotgun Shells, .60 AMR, Grenade or even RPG rounds.
  • Oddities: Relics of all kinds that will often be better that what is available even to the Guild during their best days. Highly sought after.
  • Tool/Gun Mods: Attachments that could make a shovel fit in your pocket or reduce kickback on a gun. The effects can vary significantly.
  • Gun Parts: Miscellaneous pieces desired for their versatility by outside traders.
  • Armor Parts: Fabrics ready to be used in armor. Useful for both crafting armor or exporting to enthusiasts off-ship.
  • Statues: A tall carving of one or more of the crew's inhabitants showcasing a story. Great decorations but can also be sold to collectors.


  • You must use a minimum of 40 insight points to make a piece of artwork but using more or less of your total insight will affect the outcome. Experiment.
  • Space drugs may seem obvious but combining it with other reagents such as psilocybin can be used to craft a drug cocktail.
  • If you can't afford your vices, ask the Merchant or Technicians. They will often be willing to provide a sum to help you help them become richer in the long run.
  • You keep a backup "Artist's Bench" circuit board in your locker. Use it as a replacement or to setup a second art station if you can afford it.

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