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An Explanation on Wages


The most important people on the ship, whose role is only to command. They control the money earned from investments by NeoTheology and Moebius; financing Technomancers, Ironhammer, and padding their own wallets.

Job Role Difficulty Wage Guides
Take charge of the ship. Ensure departments are running smoothly and make critical decisions. Very Hard None! The Agreement
First officer.png
First Officer
Assist the captain, primarily by dealing with the rest of command staff. Take care of all the things the captain doesn't have time to do. Medium to Hard 1200 The Agreement, Paperwork

Ironhammer.png Ironhammer Security

PMCs, whose role is solely to protect the ship, and maintain order on board. They try to strictly observe and execute terms of their agreement. Basically - carry out the orders of the Captain, however the Commander's word is the final word.

Job Role Difficulty Wage Guides
Ih commander.png
Ironhammer Commander
Ensure the ship and its crew are safe from threats by commanding the onboard mercenary force. Very Hard 1200 The Agreement, Enforcement Guide
Ih sergeant.png
Ironhammer Gunnery Sergeant
Maintain the brig and armory. Hard 750 The Agreement, Enforcement Guide
Ih inspector.png
Ironhammer Inspector
Investigate crime scenes and solve cases. Chain smoke. Medium to Hard 900 The Agreement, Enforcement Guide, Guide to Surgery
Ih medic.png
Ironhammer Medical Specialist
Keep operatives alive and well. Medium 900 The Agreement, Enforcement Guide, Guide to Medicine, Guide to Surgery
Ih operative.png
Ironhammer Operative
Protect the ship and crew from all threats, internal or external. Hard 750 The Agreement, Enforcement Guide

Moebius.png Moebius Laboratories

One of the first factions who allocated funds to the ship and her endeavors. They conduct expeditions into abandoned monoliths, supply the crew with innovative, experimental gadgets for profit, as well as running the Medbay aboard the CEV Eris.


Job Role Difficulty Wage Guides
Moebious Biolab Officer
Desperately try to prevent medbay from descending into chaos. Direct the medical staff onboard. Hard 1200 The Agreement, Guide to Medicine, Guide to Chemistry, Guide to Surgery
Moebius Doctor
Treat the hordes of wounded and dying patients. Hard 900 Guide to Medicine, Guide to Chemistry, Guide to Surgery
Moebius Chemist
Produce chemical mixtures, primarily for medicine. Medium 900 Guide to Medicine, Guide to Chemistry
Moebius Paramedic
Triage and transport patients to and within medbay to ensure all who need treatment make it. Medium 750 Guide to Medicine
Moebius Bio-Engineer
Provide biological and genetic modifications to paying customers Medium 900 Guide to Genetics,Guide to Aberrant Organs
Moebius Psychiatrist
Helps you out with talking about your problems. Medium 900 Guide to Medicine


Job Role Difficulty Wage Guides
Expedition overseer.png
Moebius Expedition Overseer
Direct and manage your team of scientists onboard the Eris. Expand human knowledge. Hard 1200 The Agreement, Guide to the Research Labs, Robotics Guide
Moebius scientist.png
Moebius Scientist
Conduct cutting edge research and development. Medium 900 Guide to the Research Labs
Moebius roboticist.png
Moebius Roboticist
Construct and maintain the myriad of Cyborgs and Mechs onboard. Medium 900 Robotics Guide

Technomancers.png Technomancer League

Techno-anarchists, hired by wealthy benefactors from Moebius and NeoTheology, and well-known for their love of all things mechanical. They ensure ship functionality between bouts of copious augment installation binges, all the while providing the Eris with a bit of their own personal touch, lest the Captain say otherwise.

Job Role Difficulty Wage Guides
Technomancer Exultant
Keep the ship running and habitable. Protect and manage the rest of the Technomancer Clan onboard. Hard 1200 The Agreement, Guide to the Engine, Technomancer's Guide
Set up the engine, thrusters, shields, and atmospherics while making sure they stay online. Medium 600 Guide to the Engine, Technomancer's Guide

Guild.png Aster's Guild

The Guild of Merchants, (which also consists of the Captain and First Officer), whose interests lie in profits and wealth. Those profits are mainly secured by providing the masses of consumers with everything and anything they might need- provisions, equipment, weapons and cargo. Most Guild folk share a common sentiment for the reinforcement of capitalist ideology, and a love for action-packed adventures filled with loot, money, and exotic commodities.

Job Role Difficulty Wage Guides
Guild MerchantFancy.png
Guild Merchant
Make money, supply the crew, make more money. Manage the rest of the Guild, and advise the captain on pursuit of profitable ventures. Medium 1200 The Agreement, Guide to Profiting
Guild TechnicianFancy.png
Guild Technician
Assist the aims of the Guild onboard the station. Take supply orders, and deliver them once fulfilled. Follow the guidance of the Merchant to ensure profit. Easy 450 Guide to Profiting
Guild MinerFancy.png
Guild Miner
Pilot the mining barge to promising asteroids to extract valuable ores. When not mining, assist the Guild on the station. Medium 750 -


Non-aligned people of disparate backgrounds, hoping to get by.

Job Role Difficulty Wage Guides
Stowaways or bums hiding on the ship. Assist others to get paid. This job's difficulty varies as they don't have any real responsibility and passivity is an option, but more ambitious vagabonds might find the game more difficult due to the many dangers lurking on the ship. Easy-Hard None! How To Roach Ranch
Club Manager
Oversee the CEV "Eris" Club onboard, direct your workers or tend to the bar. Easy None! Drinks recipes, Food recipes
Club Worker
Cook food or man the bar in the club, listen to your manager. Easy None! Drinks recipes, Food recipes
Club Artist
Create art for the betterment of the crew's sanity. Or for personal riches. Easy None! Sanity, Insight, and Oddities

NeoTheology.png Church of NeoTheology

Mysterious investors, promoting their own religion - and with it, their own influence on the ship, waiting and watching the expedition in dead space. They heavily advocate for the rejection of prostheses by installing a protective implant - a cruciform, with many additional features, such as life extension, or even rebirth after death. But who will believe them?

Job Role Difficulty Wage Guides
NeoTheology PreacherFancy.png
NeoTheology Preacher
Spread the good word of NeoTheology. Clone believers with cruciforms. Perform litanies. Hard 900 The Agreement, Guide to Neotheology
NeoTheology Acolyte
Spread the good word of NeoTheology. Perform the Bioreactor and Biogenerator rituals. Perform litanies. Medium 750 Guide to Neotheology
NeoTheology Agrolyte
Spread the good word of NeoTheology. Provide biomass for the chapel and bioreactor by gardening. Easy 600 Guide to Neotheology
NeoTheology Custodian
Spread the good word of NeoTheology. Keep the ship and chapel clean of rubbish and gather organic matter for the bioreactor. Medium 450 Guide to Neotheology


Extremely limited mechanical assistants of the crew. The comfort they provide is rivaled only by their threat. Always watching, always vigilant.

Job Role Difficulty Wage Guides
Serve the ship. Obey your laws. Protect the vessel and the crew. Very Hard None! -
Obey your laws under the guidance of the AI. Hard None! -

Special Roles

Job Role Difficulty Threat Guides
Talk to the other dead people. Complain about the living. None None -
Eat all the cheese. Easy Benign -
Maintenance Drone
Repair and maintain the station. Do not interfere with the business of non-drones. Easy Helpful -


The villains who prefer crude and very lethal methods, pursuing the goal of distorting something positive on this ship, or its full destruction. Their objectives are many but none are pleasant.

Job Role Difficulty Threat Guides
Accomplish your assigned objectives. Medium to Hard Moderate -
Serbian arms.pngSerbian Mercenary
Finish your contract. Hard Round-Ending -
Excelsior-32.png Excelsior Infiltrator
Start your cyber-communism revolution, take control over the ship, build your special commie base. Hard High -
NeoTheology.png NeoTheology Inquisitor
Control believers and assign them tasks. Punish the sinful. NeoTheology should stay pure, and perfect. Hard Helpful to High Guide to Neotheology, Preacher
Complete your objectives, finish contracts, or brick the server by spawning too many spiders. Hard High -
Blitzshell Assault Drone
Finish contracts and upgrade yourself. Protect your employers interests. Defend yourself at all cost. Hard High -
Cortical Borer
Infect a human or monkey, reproduce and try and keep the host alive. Hard Helpful to High -


Unexpected allies, hiding among the crew, and following on the heels of villains - their task is to crush the enemy, and restore justice, preventing tragedy.

Job Role Difficulty Threat Guides
Ironhammer.png Ironhammer Marshal
Find the antags, investigate their crimes step-by-step, and kill them. Take help from Ironhammer. Very Hard Helpful -